Eco-friendly way of dealing with your period.

This is for the ladies out there who want to really lessen the garbage they produce via little changes to their lifestyle. To be honest, much as I enjoy making ecobricks for donation to aeta communities, sometimes I just get tired of all the plastic waste. (Not to mention, so much effort you need to spend on washing all the dirty plastic, drying them, and then stuffing them into the bottles.) This is especially tedious for me during THAT TIME of the month.

So I went straight to Amazon and ordered these charcoal cloth pads from Hibaby.

There are actually pretty good local suppliers here, but most of them require me to do bank deposits, which I hate. I especially hate it when vendors require me to line up at BDO. (BDO has the worst queueing system in all banks I have ever been in. So if you don’t have a Paypal or a Paymaya account I could digitally send money to, forget it.)

Anywaaaaay, these are Hibaby charcoal bamboo pads. Below is the description for their heavy flow pads.

I bought three types. A set each for light flow (left), heavy flow (middle), and overnights (right). I use the light pads as panty liners, but switch to the heavy flow ones on the first day of my period. Overnights, well, I don’t think they need to be explained how they work, haha.

I was asked what design I wanted and I just said anything goes. I mean, who’s gonna see it anyway? Not like I’d be waving it at my husband with much pride and say, “Look, look!”

I was actually prepared for tons of mess, but these were surprisingly not messy. At least not with me. Although they came with adhesives, I never needed to use those. Sometimes the pads move around, though, depending on the width or tightness of your panties. They’d totally stay in place when you’re using the granny types of underwear.

I haven’t totally stopped using the disposable variety, but only because I don’t really want to carry a used wet pad around with me while I’m working. I only work outside for three days anyway, so I spend the rest of the week with the cloths. Hibaby has pouches for storing used pads that you could consider getting if you want to really go into the zero-waste lifestyle.

If you want to check Hibaby out on Amazon, here’s a link to their products.

As for the usual health advise: keep yourselves hydrated and avoid salty food when on your period. That’s one of the common culprits of dysmenorrhea. That, and lack of exercise. For anything that cutting sodium, chugging liters of water, and exercising cannot solve, consult a doctor.

Due to medical reasons I would rather not explain, I cannot do menstrual cups. So I don’t think I will ever blog about that option. Just stating this as a disclaimer because people have been asking me about menstrual cups.

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