Left our hearts at Prado Farms

Like Sinagtala, I discovered Prado Farms in Lubao, Pampanga by randomly clicking on Google Maps. But since we had already booked ourselves an overnight stay at Sinagtala, I decided to ask Prado Farms if we could have lunch there instead of going on a day tour. As it turns out, they have a “lunch passerby” package that’s worth P850/head (taxes included).

What can I say, Prado Farms is Instagram-worthy!

It has a tranquil chapel, a quaint library, and an old theater. Antiques everywhere! It has that rustic appeal that’s somewhat surprising.

While we were driving from Orani, Bataan, the weather was warm, and the sun was beating down on our car. The atmosphere changed the moment we stepped into Prado Farms. It was cooler, possibly because most of the area was covered with trees.

What I loved most about this place? THE. FOOD. My sister wasn’t kidding when she said Pampanga offers the best food, and Prado Farms is no exception. It boasts of mouthwatering farm to table food, my favorite of which is their signature salad in tangy patis-kalamansi dressing. At first, I didn’t know what to expect (who puts patis in salad???) but I was so shocked at how good it was, that I went back to the buffet table for more. Thing is, everything in that buffet tastes great, from the main course down to the dessert. My husband is still dreaming about that pork belly rendang.

To be honest, that day trip was not enough. We vow to try their inn so that we can sample the rest of what they have to offer. We probably haven’t seen half of the place.

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Someday, we shall return. #yangosroadtrip #pradofarms

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