It’s 2016 and still saying no to hair straightening…

Oh, no! Yet another hair post! Haha! Ok, lemme just warn you that this is probably the only blog post of mine that has too many photos of my face. Ick. (I really dislike seeing myself in photos.)

Anyway, I guess it will always be hair issues for someone like me who has lived with a head of unruly curls her entire life. But I’ve lived with it and considered it part of who I am.

Well, actually, I felt like posting because some people who had seen me with temporarily blown-dry hair suggested that I should have my hair straightened because I look better. Uh, nopes. All my nopes. I’m sorry, but not only does my boyfriend disagree (and his opinion matters more, ne?) but I also know the shape of my face well enough to realize that I only rocked that blown-dry hair in a photo. A photo where I could control what angle the camera sees.

Though having my hair is a lot of times frustrating, I don’t think I ever want to go back to the walis tingting hair that was brought about by 8 years of constant chemical straightening. Sure, it was really pretty the first time I had my hair rebonded, but after a couple of years, it dried out and made me look more ordinary than I do now. The image below is an example. Not going back to it.

Do you guys have any idea how much I had to invest in hair repair? Thank goodness there are many products now like TRESemme
Platinum Strength Stay Soft Leave In Treatment 125ml (click this link to see Tresemme at ZALORA). I’ve also tried taming my frizz with olive oil or virgin coconut oil. So nope. I am not going back to hair straightening. Not going through that hassle again.

images from Buzzfeed and Mama Mia

I did, however, something really stupid in 2015: I cut my own bangs. And suddenly I looked about 12. So parents and students would come up looking for Dr. Lapa, but ended up meeting a 12-year-old looking kid sitting temporarily on the department chair’s place:

What a diff! So I made friends with this, if only for the two days in a week that I needed to go out of my home office and teach.

This is a straightening iron I got from Watson’s. I’ve had it for quite some time now and is the reason why it sometimes takes me a few more minutes to get ready. But I don’t do this everyday, so it’s fine.

Another secret weapon is a good hair stylist. I found Randy from Going Straight Makati Cinema Square a couple of years back. Haircut only costs around P190 pesos.

It’s been a while since I’ve gotten a haircut from him but I recently had my hair done in Going Straight Robinson’s Forum. At first, the woman was afraid she wasn’t going to be as good as Randy, but I told her I can guide her. (She was initially intimidated by my hair.) I think she still did fine. And she was even happy with the result when she realized she could make my curls follow her hands.

Anyway, this is my final look for 2015. I don’t know what my hair is going to be like for 2016. I just will not — never again — subject it to chemical straightening.

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