Fully Booked and RCBC Co-branding

I had actually just returned from an event at the Fort. I was invited to the launching of Fully Booked and RCBC’s co-branded Mastercard. This card was especially tailored for book lovers like me.

I actually am not much for attending events, but when I saw that it was going to be about Fully Booked, I immediately confirmed my attendance. This was also timely, since I have decided that this year, I’m going to re-focus on this blog’s roots: nerd and geek culture. After all, my tag line had always been: “A kikay geek’s hobby blog. An absent-minded professor’s journal.”

Upon my arrival, I was given a pretty press kit with the likeness of the equally pretty credit card printed on it.

This is what book lovers can enjoy, according to the press kit:

“…a 10 percent discount instantly with every purchase at any Fully Booked branch, and get cash rebates of up to 10 percent as well as one free book on early purchases and on their renewal period. Cardholders are even entitled to invites to exclusive events, special sales and new arrivals, discount at partner establishments and an installment option of zero percent interest for big-ticket purchases.”

This is also the very first time I’ve stepped foot in Fully Booked’s official events place, Novamobili Flagship Store.

I swear the sight of books…as always, was enthralling. Have I ever mentioned that Fully Booked in Bonifacio High Street is my favorite bookstore in the Philippines? It reminds me so much of Singapore’s Kinokuniya. 5 floors full of books. You really can’t go wrong!!

Oh and this lovely, former MTV veejay hosted:

Most people my age would remember Sarah Meier as that beautiful, statuesque model who was both witty and charming. (Those were the days when I would still tune in to MTV.) She actually went around and asked people what their favorite books were. I love how soothing her voice was.

Then there were some words from Fully Booked’s Managing Director Jaime Daez. Actually, it was a good thing I read the press kit beforehand because the thought that kept deafeningly ringing in my head when I saw him was: “Gosh, he’s so young!”

I looked him up and it seems like he founded Bibliarch (that shop that contains hard-to-find books in Glorietta) and what used to be Page One in Rockwell Makati. Anyone who has ever been to Rockwell a decade ago would know what now stands in Page One’s place. Yup. It’s Fully Booked.

Needless to say, I was inspired. How many people do I know have built successful business empires at 30? (Well, for me, building a 5-story structure full of books is already an empire, hohoho.) I kinda envied him…must’ve taken a truckload of guts and determination. Most geeks are  contented with just being consumers of books, gadgets and toys while nerds would be happier if they were left alone with their innovative experiments.

Anyway, found some of my old fashion blogger friends (my stylist sister used to tag me along  during fashion bazaars so I knew some of them) and we ended up talking about books. Books. And BOOKS. The discussion covered a wide range: from Angels and Demons to Anne Rice to Ayn Rand…to…ugh, the only book I ever gave up on…50 Shades of Grey. After Twilight, I thought I could read through EVERYTHING. 50 Shades proved me wrong. I actually had a limit.

Ganked this photo from Anagon‘s Instagram. From left to right: Paul (whom I met just tonight), Aisa Pax and Anagon. I haven’t seen these girls in AGES. It was great catching up. 🙂

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  1. Mom-Friday

    April 18, 2013 at 1:54 am

    I really belong in another generation, hahahaha…. Bibliarch = Mr. Daez, from the late 90s pa, and if memory serves me right, he was a commercial model din. That specialty bookstore was one of it's kind in those days and we used to look for design books there to add to our ad agenciy's limited reference books. I'm not a bookworm but I love browsing through interior design books, cook books. Fully booked did change the bookstore concept here.

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