Bridal gowns by Rosa Clara and Bizu’s Macaron Day

Magazines I took home after the meet-up at Greenbelt. I had lots of fun.

Long story short, I was surfing through Facebook and saw this post by a former student, Euri Varen. She is currently working for Rosa Clara Bridal Philippines and the post was about an event at the Manila Peninsula. She seemed to be very happy with her work and I commended her for it. I also pointed out that I really like one of the gowns on her photos. Haha! She said I should drop by the Rosa Clara boutique, which is just walking distance from where I live. She said she’d be bringing along one of my other students, Jomel Alviar, whom I have not seen and have been trying to contact for ages!

Today, I was their muse. Haha! They wanted to see how the gowns would look on me and I must admit, I had been itching to blog about their gowns because they were really very pretty. When I was still working for Anino Games, I would often walk past their shop and I’d stare in admiration until they were out of sight. This actually makes me wonder, because I never liked wedding dresses (and I like seeing brides as long as I’m not going to be one). But Rosa Clara’s were so nice and elegant, characterized by clean lines that made you look thin.

Well, the ones I tried were actually made for taller, more voluptuous women but you can see that it can be adjusted. That’s Varen helping me fit into this wonderful lace confection. Erm, I love lace. But it has to be the right kind (otherwise, you’d look like a table cloth) and Rosa Clara’s are very sophisticated.

I wish I were taller, though. I was actually standing on a pedestal when I was fitting these.

This particular gown gives you a rather nice shape. Highly recommended by Varen. I feel like a mermaid! Haha.

More bridal gowns on the rack. I wonder how brides can make up their minds when faced with these options. They’re all so breathtaking!

This one is on display by the window. Again, it has a lot of lace, hence my attraction to it.

EDIT: I’ve actually gotten a lot of questions regarding Rosa Clara gowns. The price range for the Philippine branch is definitely less expensive because of the lighter fabrics, I’m guessing. It’s hot as Hades in here! But I’ve seen a price guide for international Rosa Clara brides in this forum.

Here’s Varen posing beside one of my favorite dresses. Thanks for the pleasure of your companies, Varen and Jomel! I was so delighted to hear about your accomplishments after graduation. You guys make me so proud!

We headed straight for Greenbelt’s Bizu Patisserie after playing dress-up. Another one of my former students, Danica Cervantes, invited me over because she was covering Bizu’s Macaron Day. Bring friends, she said.

Ok, so I did not anticipate that we were actually going to be captured on video while doing scripted cheesy gestures, haha! Peace, Danica!

I wonder how those videos are going to turn out. xD

I love Bizu’s macarons. The nice thing about Bizu is that it has a wide range of food selections on their menu. They are best known for pastries, though.

I haven’t been in Bizu for quite some time and I noticed they had new flavors. I tried their Dulce de Leche variant this time.

Aaaaand here’s Danica posing with her camera. Thanks for the macarons, Dani! It was great seeing you again!

Varen, Jomel and I capped the evening off with a warm dinner and lots of chitchat at Kenji Tei in Greenbelt 5. Again, thanks so much for the invitations! <3


  1. skysenshi

    April 21, 2013 at 3:46 am

    Molly, they were gorgeous!

  2. Sao Menguito

    April 21, 2013 at 2:05 pm

    Akala ko ikakasal ka naaaa!! xD,
    Pretty pretty gowns with laces~ <3

  3. skysenshi

    April 21, 2013 at 5:01 pm

    Ang daming nag-wishful thinking actually. Hahahaha! Ang ganda ng lace no? Parang girl na girl.

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