Multimedia Arts Festival 2013 brought to you by College of Saint Benilde

Last Friday, April 12, I dropped by the Rockwell tent to check out the College of Saint Benilde’s (CSB) Multimedia Arts Festival 2013. I hadn’t attended art exhibits for the longest time (one year?) and I miss seeing students’ works. Though I had not seen CSB’s Multimedia Arts department in 5 years, I was very curious about how their curriculum is going.

Also, I was tickled by their poster:

This is one of the cutest posters I’ve ever seen Benildean students do.

Plus, when we came in, we were given some really nice souvenir booklets, which describes the works of the exhibitors.

Loooove it!

Too bad the installations weren’t in here because I loved the installations most.

This is a map of some sorts, which gave us an idea about where we are and what we were looking at.

Anyhoo, I’m posting some of my favorite photos of the exhibit here.

This exhibit, from Espejismo, is made up of glass and some videos playing on it.

This is the thing about installation art. They’re very hard to describe. you have to see them for yourself.

The interactive works of the Twisted Tales group.

One of the videos in Twisted Tales:

I liked this tree installation by Therese Javier…for no particular reason. I found the tree cute, perhaps. Haha.

I was particularly drawn to Pat Abutong’s illustrations. She’s part of the Spectrum group.

Interacting with Spectrum’s…uh… white cloth?

More artworks installed in glass cubicles.

Of all the installations, this was my favorite. It kinda reminds me of the exhibits I see in Singapore. From the map, I’m guessing these are the works of the IM | POSSIBLE group.

Too bad I had only time to visit on the last day. The exhibit went live on March 18-22 and April 10-12. I hope this becomes tradition for the Multimedia Arts department.

Hm. I hope the Game Design and Development department (where I am an Associate Professorial Lecturer) would have something like this, too.

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