Corregidor 1: The Beginning

Since it was a very very cloudy day, I not only set Shin-Chan’s white balance to that shaded icon, I also have a tendency to overexpose. Yes, I knew that they were overexposed when I was taking them. I just wanted them that way. Don’t know why. I’ve always known there’s something seriously disturbing about the way I see things. Hahahaha!

(Because I would’ve edited these in Photoshop had I wanted normally exposed photos.)

Thanks to Red for pointing out where the white balance button was. Hahahahahaha! (There weren’t any white balance eklavoos in a Nikon FM10.)

Half of the first day was spent touring. I was still practicing my shots. None of my cannons looked good, so I posted the one that my friend Elvert particularly liked. Oh and…I did not intend to focus on McArthur’s…well, you know. That was an innocent shot.

The Corregidor bus…with Miel and…ok, I only recognize Miel.


  • Had a lot of fun mingling with the ABMA70s. This is probably the only trip where I didn’t lock myself up with the rest of the faculty members.
  • I began this trip while still having difficulty with Shin-Chan’s settings. I ended the trip with some pictures (some lang!) that I’m proud of.
 An artistic depiction of history.
  • Our tourist guide kept scolding us for not listening (because we were busy taking pics), but I was able to converse with him. He must be a war veteran. But he also has a degree in journalism so he told me why he preferred the good ol’ film cameras over digital ones.
  • I enjoyed the hotel. We were billeted in the honeymoon suite.
  • Was able to take pics of the beach’s rock formations while natural lighting was still up and the tide was still down.
  • Cannons, cannons and more cannons!

 That’s Red and probably the only decent cannon shot I ever took…

  • Buffet discount. Eating on the hotel veranda.
  • The look on Mike’s, Robert’s and Jay’s faces and their reaction to my joke. “Mag-hunos-dili ka!” Mike screamed as he grabbed my shoulders, pulled me off the door, pushed me forcibly down on my couch and covered me with a blanket. (There was a reason why I took the couch instead of the honeymoon bed. The boys slept on cushions on the floor.) “And don’t even think about leaving that couch.”
  •  White balance.
  • Bonding with Jay, Mike and Robert in the suite.
  • Melvin’s horror pics. The infirmary’s floor was clear to the naked eye, but his camera produced blood-covered shots.
  • Orbs in some of my photos.
  • Finding out that I’m physically stronger than Red (Carl Abuel). But running away when “The Gangsta” group, who are bigger and stronger, came closer (I knew, from the look on Jed Caballa’s face, that they intended to throw me into the pool).
  • “Pure ang love ko!”  (Sorry, in-joke. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!)

This is one of my favorite shots. I got fascinated with the bell.


  • Jay, me, Mike and Robert missing Jayvee. We all agreed that our spirits would’ve been on higher ground had Jayvee been present. When Jay brought it up (“Where’s Elvert?”), everyone in the room felt a little sad.
  • Though I love being able to bond with ABMA74, I wish I had joined Mike’s bus. Their tourist guide was so competitive (and animated), they were able to take pictures of areas that my bus had not visited. I’m not contented with my pictures and this feeling nags me so much that I’m contemplating going back on my own.
  • The heavy rains made me experience my first bout of MOTION SICKNESS. (And I’m used to traveling on sea, ha!)  I was sick during the ferry ride going to Corregidor and back.  Thank goodness Taverner, Marcus, Luis and Justine kept me singing and laughing to distract me from the ouchness.
  • Had to share a suite with the male faculty members because the hotel was so booked, we had trouble fitting the students in. You know how disgusting men are when it comes to bathrooms. Jonna and I begged that they let us use it first.
  • Waking up at 5AM to accompany students for the sun rise shots…only to find that there was no sun. (At least, I got to use the bathroom first thing in the morning.)
  • Food in Corregidor is gold. So now I owe Mike P650. -_-;;;
  • Because of the storm (we were literally drenched), I’m now sick at home and still finishing deadlines.
Sorry if it seems dark. We were in the eye of a typhoon at that time.


    1. skysenshi

      July 1, 2010 at 7:41 am

      Hala, di ka na naka-abot sa final 20. Pero outside of this contest, I gave you extra credits in WEDBES2. Extra credits din ito di ba?

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