Kiehl’s Extra-Strength Conditioning Rinse

Unlike my lips, which had not been very happy with Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1, my hair is a lot more cooperative. I’ve been a long time fan of coconut conditioners — ever since I discovered the wonders they could do for my temperamental scalp — and Kiehl’s Extra-Strength Conditioning Rinse for Dry or Damaged Hair (with added Coconut Oil) is by far the most effective I’ve ever used. Even when using a harsh anti-dandruff shampoo before it, it still manages to make my hair feel soft and pretty. Also, unlike other conditioners, it doesn’t leave my hair feeling limp and heavy. It doesn’t hurt that it has a scent that isn’t purely coconut. It smells more like milk-coconut-vanilla, which makes bathing extra fun as I absolutely adore dessert-oriented fragrances.

The only thing that I know will keep me from buying this again is that its price is a bit too steep for a bath product. As of this writing, a small 125ml bottle costs PhP875 (roughly $20), which is about $7 more expensive than its US counterpart. But don’t mind me. Right now, I’m already thinking of buying virgin coconut oil and using that as my conditioner instead. Crazy, huh?

Rating: 8/10

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