Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1 (and Extra-Strength Conditioning Rinse)

Rating: ★★★
Category: Other

“Why are you giving this to me,” my sister asked in bewilderment. “Didn’t Kiehl’s lip balm get rave reviews from all the magazines we own?”

See, my sister is always the recipient of my hand-me-downs. Whenever I buy something and end up not liking it, she reaps the benefits. Sometimes it irks me to see that a mascara that didn’t fit me would look so well on her or that she’d glow even if she’s using an ultra-cheap product that had just given me the hives.

Kiehl’s is not in any way cheap, though. It costs about twice as much as the last lip balm I used, which was TheFaceShop’s Plus+1 Lip Care Cream Vitamin… Read more at

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