The Shu Uemura Addiction

I’ve already written about many of my favorite products, but I’ve never written a full blown review for my ultimate favorite brand, Japan-based Shu Uemura. Instead of doing a blow by blow account of how each item in my vanity bag works for me, I only have this to say: I am addicted to anything Shu Uemura. Whether it’s the UV Liquid Foundation, that’s best for sporty girls like me, or those mega-expensive Pressed Eyeshadows, I can never go wrong with this brand.

The Drawing Pencil glides like frosting on cake; the Precise Volume mascara makes your lashes thicker without clumping; the Sweet Lip Gloss makes you want to kiss yourself…I could go on and on and on. I tried downgrading my eyebrow pencil once, when I went to TheFaceShop’s counter, and not only was their pencil hard on the skin, it also broke while I was applying it. Shu Uemura is a wallet buster, but it already destroyed all other brands for me. I can’t go back.

My sister, again the recipient of all my attempts to downgrade (she inherited my TheFaceShop mascara when I realized it wasn’t as good as Shu Uemura’s), once told me: “Feh! I think the only reason why you buy Shu Uemura is that no matter how dumb at make-up you are, it still makes you look good.” She’s right. It is idiot-proof. Though I kind of stopped using the lash curler because I always end up crying. There is a limit to what it can do for beauty dunces, after all.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not a huge fan of putting gunk on my skin. I’m all for the simplification of any boring ritual and actually enjoy my make-up-free days. It’s just that with all the pretty colors and possibilities Shu Uemura has to offer, you can’t help but find the application highly therapeutic. Also, what’s great about it is that you only have to dab a small amount to get a bit of color on an otherwise pale visage, making your jars/tubes/bottles last for more than a year. They’re also very light and gentle on your skin. Meaning, I don’t get allergic reactions, considering my skin isn’t very easy to please.

What’s keeping me from giving Shu Uemura a perfect 10? I had just begun going semi-organic recently — it’s a slow process that involves finishing up all my non-organic bath and beauty products — and I saw the words “paraben” and other synthetic stuff in their ingredients listing. It’s a good thing I don’t wear make-up that often so there’s not much to worry about.

What’s in my kikay kit (in this picture):
Sweet Lip Gloss in Nectarine Jam, Mark Cealer, Drawing Pencils in Metallic Black and Matte Brown, Precise Volume Mascara, Fiber Xtension Mascara Extra Black 01 (unused as of this writing), Limited Edition Color Mousse in Air Bronze, UV Liquid Protecting Water Resistant Foundation (SPF 25), Powder Foundation Natural Glow Finish 564, Pressed Eyeshadows.

Rating: 9/10

Other Shu Uemura products I own that are not in the picture:
Silver Eyelash Curler – Rave reviews everywhere; it’s every girl’s not-so-secret weapon…only I don’t know how to wield it.
Skin Purifier in Fresh (Pink) – Totally removes all traces of dirt and grime on your face…even waterproof mascara.

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