Ugly Nail Saver: Bobbie Cuticle Oil

I have man feet (and hands).

I was born with ugly, veiny, dry, really masculine feet and hands (courtesy of my mom) and enjoying wall climbing didn’t make things better for them. Though I only climb leisurely — despite my trainer’s insistence that I can compete — I still need calluses for gripping. I also have extremely brittle nails, which would only look good for a day or two after a pedicure. After that, no amount of wallet-draining lotions would work on making my feet presentable. Believe me, I’ve tried the cheap, the mid ranged, and the expensive: Nivea, TheFaceShop, VMV Hypoallergenics, Crabtree and Evelyn and Clarins. None of them did the job.

I can’t do anything about my calluses, but I just found out recently — thanks to my sister’s shopping experimentations — that I can do something about my nails. No, it’s not about getting a pedicure every other day. That would drive me to the poor house faster than you can finish reading this.

I’m talking about Bobbie Cuticle Oil. It’s this little green ointment-like substance that makes your nail shine and softens the skin around them. When I borrowed my sister’s bottle, I found that it even made my feet look like I’ve just had a pedicure. The best part? As of this writing, only costs PhP26.75 (roughly US$0.60) and can be found in grocery stores. I picked my own bottle up at Watson’s in SM Makati.

Rating: 9/10

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