First you say you won’t! (Something about guitarists and geeks…)

Show me someone who can lose himself while playing the guitar and I’ll show you my drool-covered jaw. And if that particular guitarist plays bass…oh my gawd.

There’s something to be said about fine bass lines and guitar riffs. At the peak of L’arc~En~Ciel’s career, I was stalking Tetsu’s online trail. I was even inspired by the design of Tetsu69’s website.

Then…hmmm… There was one time when a friend of mine took me and Janice to a gig in Mag:Net in Katipunan, where an all-girl band played. Lemme tell ya…that bassist? I completely forgot that she was a girl. She was — as Janice described — in the zone. It was just her and her guitar…and me, trying to pick up my jaw from where it had fallen on the floor. I even begged my friend to ask the bar owners what the bassist’s name was and he was aghast because he got this reply: “Sorry, she’s not interested in men.” (He wanted to defensively scream, “I wasn’t interested in her! It’s my girl pals who are!!!”)

As for this video… Well, he’s not a bassist, but he certainly caught my attention. I normally turn on Myx Channel (the only station my cable-less TV can catch) while I take my morning bath and I saw him swaying so…dorkily. I didn’t even know what band it was until I did a few searches. Apparently, I had heard one of their songs before. They originally had a different lead singer and though that dude, Eric Dill, actually had better features (READ: prettier) than this one, I remember their old song (Just The Girl) grating on my ears because of his high-pitched vocals.

In any case, this guy, Kyle Patrick, despite his pa-cool hair, has the facial expression of a “little lost nerd.” Which is bad because the only other thing that attracts me besides a dedicated guitarist is a nerdy/geeky Clark-Kent-of-Smallville look. Plus points for having a voice than can do wonders when it croons. I’ve also read that he came from Berklee College of Music and was recommended by professors and former students when Click Five needed a new lead singer. Dare I say, a music nerd? Hehehe.

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  1. Bea Lapa

    October 29, 2007 at 2:21 am

    the asian chick in the video is also hot…especially when they were playing in a japanese game show. hehe.

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