Student Project: Republika

This was the very first game that APC students developed way way back. I believe I wasn’t yet part of Team ABMA at that time.  But the Multimedia Arts students had dreamed of designing and developing their own games.  Unfortunately, I was only able to implement the game design track completely when these kids had already graduated.

Full story of Paul Fabella’s experience doing Republika, and how it won in the the 2007 UgotGame Xtreme Xpo, can be found here:

My CSB students asked me why I’m so darned proud of the game development team of APC (while I belong to the web track in CSB, I belong to the game development track in APC).

This is why.

Each school has its own strengths and weaknesses, and I really get defensive when one of these schools get insulted. (In fact, I even got into an argument with a certain *ahem* prof who was comparing the two unfairly.) Any of my students who’s been exposed to me well enough would know that.

Comments from the old blog:

meetoh wrote on Oct 21, ’07
ako hindi ko alam 😀 da who?

raykosen wrote on Oct 21, ’07
Ako din! Di ko alam. Hala! Sino yan? XDDD

skysenshi wrote on Oct 21, ’07
dun worry, friends kami. nasabunutan ko na sha. hehe.

shizofree wrote on Oct 21, ’07
magaling magaling magaling ms bea. sino kaya ito

aikijeet wrote on Nov 8, ’07

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