2022: I was still. And it’s ok.

Though 2022 was the time when we were finally forced to report to work physically, I was actually less productive in the latter half when this happened. Also: I wrote several researches in the first half of the year, but none of them got presented/published. So. There really wasn’t much going on in terms of my growth, BUT I did celebrate a lot of my friends’ lives.

For myself, I could say that our studio was at least able to release two games. Both games actually made it to the Game On 2022 finals, so yey, for my team!

Do visit Senshi.Labs, if you want to play these for free. 🙂

Aaaand, outside of academic reading, I was able to at least finish more than 30 books for leisure. The books I read for leisure are completely the opposite of what I read when I need to work. My head is all full of fluff because my work (as a professor) is already so cerebral as it is.

You can visit my GoodReads profile, if you’re curious.

I think I’ve reached an age where I no longer get bothered if I didn’t achieve much in the year, as opposed to the previous years when it was all about publishing, presenting, winning industry awards. I feel like I’m now beyond that, it and it’s my students’ time to shine instead. Heck, my entire portfolio even got corrupted, so I’m now going to be spending my service leave rebuilding that.

I was still.

And it’s ok.

Because it’s time to slow down, and enjoy my life outside of work. I mean, what are all these for if my life revolved around work, ne? (I mean, sure I used my books as a header for this, but they weren’t published this year. I ordered physical copies of the second one for the first time this year, so I can sell them to friends who were interested LOL. Also: because Amazon had a free shipping promo. ?)

What I did do, however, was celebrate my industry’s/colleagues’/friends’ wins. That was what my 2022 was like.

  1. Participating in the skills framework with DTI and IBPAP

2. Weddings.

3. Friends’ Exhibit

4. Finally seeing friends we haven’t seen in years!

5. Senshi.Labs people finally seeing each other again at ESGS!

6. Midyear family gatherings.

7. Ordering copies of my own book.

8. First face-to-face classes since the pandemic started.

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