My favorite wedding stories and videos.

This post is a day late, haha. I had been planning to write something like this in time for Valentines’ but I kept putting it off (much like how I’m sorta feeling overwhelmed by the content of my next book). Anyway, people who know me would know that I actually have this hobby of making wedding budget spreadsheets for friends who are about to get married. I do this for free because I enjoy playing with numbers and discovering vendors, and I know I’ll get stressed if I turned this into a business. (Because it’s one thing to find vendors, it’s another thing to actually talk to them, haha.)

In the course of helping others, I came across many wedding videos (of people I do not personally know) that have awakened the romantic in me. Here they are in order:

5. Roj & 3NA: McDonald’s Wedding

ROJ + 3NA SDE (paparapapa love ko 'to) from Kris Matanguihan on Vimeo.

THIS HAD BEEN ONE OF MY FAVORITE WEDDING VIDEOS FOR THE LONGEST TIME!!! (Almost 10 years now, and I still find it cute.) Such a ballsy couple who didn’t care what everyone would say and celebrated their wedding at McDonald’s (long before non-Filipinos suddenly thought that having your wedding reception in a fast food chain would be cool). They just friggin’ love McDo. And nothing’s better than being true to who you are, and showing everyone that, “Hey, guys, this IS US.”

4. Bianca and Janis

“I will never be above you. Never below you. Always beside you.”
It’s mostly in LGBT weddings do I find beautiful words like these.

I sort of low-key stalk LGBT weddings because their officiators give the most inspiring sermons, talking about your struggles as a couple and how you should persevere in love despite the naysayers. This time, though, I was really awed by the vows.

3. Kael and Jamaica

I saw a photo of this lovely couple, who both have dwarfism, on my FB newsfeed and have followed the bride’s Instagram ever since. This is the story of two people who may be imperfect in the eyes of normies, but have found kindred spirits in each other. Their photos are so adorable and their marriage continues to remain strong. I am totally rooting for them. (I saw them in person last year, and I was star-struck haha! They just happened to live near my previous condo.)

2. Jacy and Pat

Jacy and Pat :: Philippines Destination Wedding :: UHD 4K Theatrical Trailer 2017 from Rob Adams Films on Vimeo.

Wedding story was told through the perspective of the groom, who composed the background music for this video. As I am writing this, I realize that I’m a sucker for personalizing weddings through craftsmanship. It’s also nice to know more about the groom’s family and personal relationships through his narration. Many people may find that cheesy, but I was touched when he talked about the loneliness he felt about being away from his family, and then finally seeing that his marriage would reunite them.

1. Karylle and Yael Yuzon

Probably the only showbiz couple on my list, mostly because this is also the official music video of the song “Singapore Sling”, which the groom wrote for his bride. It’s really not about how bongga a wedding is. I’m not really that much impressed with showbiz weddings, since most of them are all pomp and pageantry. But…how many grooms do you know of that actually wrote songs about their brides??? (I’ve been following these two since forever, and I love their collaborations as singers/song writers.) Sure, Angelfields, where their wedding was held, is one of the most expensive venues in the Silang/Tagaytay area, but as you can see, that wasn’t the highlight of the wedding video.

So far these are the top 5 videos that come to mind when I think about romance. I may look and sound like a tough, sarcastic professor, but I like being happy for people.

Anyhoo, belated Happy Valentines! 😀

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