2018 Year in Review

This is super late, since it’s already the second week of 2019. To be honest, I really had no goals in 2018 and I felt like the year just passed without me realizing it. Haha!

So, I had a bit of help from Instagram to figure out what were the new experiences I’ve encountered in 2018. (Notice, I’m no longer setting goals. It feels tiring having to outdo myself every year.) So I’m listing firsts instead.

My first beach wedding.

I’m kinda sad that I didn’t get to experience this with my husband because he was stationed in Japan at that time, but I knew that he would have loved Kota Keluarga for being chill and isolated.

Released Book 2: Taurus.

My first Taal lakeside trip.

My first Bataan mountain trip.

Prado Farms!

First Outstanding Teach Certificate.

It wasn’t my first time to get high eval ratings but it was the first time I got proof of it.

My first Batanes trip.

Goodbye, Mandaluyong. Hello again, Makati.

Saying goodbye to Asia Pacific College.

Mama Lola’s 95th birthday.

Experiencing Service Awards for the first time.

2018 marked my supposedly 5th year in Benilde. But the truth is, I had been in Benilde from 2006-2008. Left until I finished my doctorate degree, then returned in 2013. I have never gotten a service award from any institution, so I was thankful that at least the school acknowledged my years of service.

The first wedding we attended as a married couple.

I couldn’t let this opportunity to get to know my husband’s family pass. So yeah, for the first time in my history of teaching, I had to take a leave of absence for non-health reasons. Love it!

My first Pangasinan trip.

Visited my husband’s ancestral home for the first time. Amazing experience!

Whew. I thought I had been asleep for most of 2018, but I just realized, I’ve managed to enjoy new experiences and spent time with my family.

2019 is not going to be chill for me, so I hope I’d find time to take it easy and still be able to try new experiences.

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