Beach wedding at Kota Keluarga

Wow, this is a super late post since this wedding (between my cousin Rica and her husband Jerk, yes that’s his name) happened in January of 2018. But it was memorable because it’s the first beach wedding that I have ever attended. I didn’t have a dress for it, so I raided my mom’s closet.

I wore my own wedding shoes (same shoes I wore to another cousin’s wedding last November 2017), but I also bought myself a formal Fitbit strap from Lazada. Note: I actually should have just worn slippers. Sand and open shoes do not mix. It will hurt like hell. In fact, it would be better to go barefoot.

Anyway, the venue was Kota Keluaraga. What was nice about it was that it was so deserted, private, and difficult to find. Yes, the fact that it was difficult to find gave it the same aura as an intimate wedding. That’s a good thing!

Another mental note: Go overnight. You won’t enjoy out of town events if you had to get back to Metro Manila on the same day. My sibs and I weren’t even able to stay for the Same-Day-Edit video (SDE), which is always something I look forward to in weddings. Thank goodness for social media, that the video got posted.

I’ve actually reviewed the place on FB and on Google Maps, so I’ll just post a screenshot of my reviews.

I was actually scared that it would rain and there weren’t any tents, but thankfully, it was a really beautiful day. There were about a hundred guests, but I didn’t feel like I’d run out of energy. Mostly because it is one of the most relaxing places I’ve been to.

If you want to see the SDE, here it is. (Sorry, I had so many shots in here, I seem like a perpetual photobomber. Lead videographer was my student, hahahaha!) Lovely wedding. I hope to attend more beach celebrations in the future (as long as it’s not gonna be loud party haha).

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