Team Bondings at the Legend Villas

This is a loooong overdue post. But I think most people are now aware of how much I love the Legend Villas that my team at Senshi.Labs would hold our bonding sessions at its Lola Maria Restaurant.

The Senshi Devs celebrating New Year.

This was also where my wedding was held. A month after my marriage, our department secretary at De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde (yeah, I have three jobs, actually, haha), Ms. Chorina, scheduled our team building in the same hotel. I don’t even know if I should call it team building because most of the faculty members in this department are such nerds/geeks, we prefer to play tabletop games over physical activities.

There is also this problem with game developers: We always end up looking for exploits in whatever activities our team building facilitators organize so we stopped hiring facilitators altogether and just chilled during outings.

For this particular outing, we requested our co-faculty Mr. David Ramos to do some quick coaching sessions for all of us. We really appreciated this because it made us understand each other better. Now that is a real team building session.

Tabletop games and coaching sessions for us.

Rooms for corporate clients differed from the one my husband and I booked for a wedding. This room is good for 4 people and it has complete amenities for what teams might need (water, pad and pencil, coffee making facilities, etc.). I liked the fact that the shower room is completely separate from the toilet.

A room good for 4 people.

Since we used the Datu Hall for all of our activities, the buffet spread is laid out outside of the function hall.

I didn’t stay overnight, as I was injured during this time, but this was one of the best team buildings I have ever been in. It’s intimate and we aren’t forced to play childish games (unlike a couple of years ago when Los Arcos de Hermano Resort’s facilitator asked unnecessary questions about our personal lives, which annoyed the heck out of my co-faculty to death).

Speaking of Legend Villas, I am again thinking of setting up a bonding karaoke session with my Senshi.Labs team.

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