Bedridden on Valentines 2016

I did something really thoughtless yesterday that had me bedridden for nearly most of the day. Thank goodness, I managed to prepare a simple fare for my indoor v-day date.

This is wagyu burger (baked with mozarella cheese) and a side salad. Actually…it looks more like a salad with a siding of wagyu burger, haha!

Anyway, yesterday, I completely forgot that I had PMS and went above and beyond my normal workout routine:

This shouldn’t be too hard and I’ve done this before…except that there’s this time at least once a month when women will feel like they’ve been clubbed repeatedly if they abused exercise. I could barely walk when I woke up.

So I decided to prepare something easy and light. I grabbed the leftover portobello mushrooms from the fridge and sautéed them in olive oil, along with some tomatoes.

Then I put them on romaine lettuce and drizzled balsamic vinegar on them.

This became the “side dish” to the wagyu burger patties. I also had the boyfie assisting in the kitchen, passing me this and that because of the walking difficulty.

Well, he came bearing gifts (and the budget for this meal lol), so yeah…

For dessert, thank goodness I still have some BTIC dark chocolate almond frozen yogurt in the freezer. At least I didn’t have to make anything from scratch because I was so out of energy that I literally went back to bed right after eating.

And yes, I also use a measuring cup to make sure that I’m practicing portion control. Haha!

Anyway, I’m awake again now and just blogging about this before I get to work on PAASCU documents (it’s some academic thing).

I hope you all enjoy your Valentines’ day!

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