Board Game Testing: Sweet Sabotage

My favorite couple (a team of programmer/game designer and artist), Charles Cue and Ellie Licuanan of White Ravens, came up with a board game that will be due for release on February 2015 and they’re currently on Indiegogo for crowdfunding. Just to give you an idea what the board game is all about, here’s a YouTube video:


So Charles and Ellie contacted me and our former colleagues and set up a playtesting session at Tobey’s Game Café.

Below: Ellie teaching Ray (Tobey’s owner) and everyone else how to play.

Below: The board being set up. Sweet Sabotage has 4 type of cards in total. These are: Staff, Customers, Recipes, and Sabotage.

Below: Customers and their orders. This reminded me of restaurant-themed time management games like Diner Dash and Delicious – Emily’s Childhood Memories. Customers have “patience meters” in the form of your dice. If you don’t serve what they order and the patience meter runs out, they will walk away.

Not all of the art assets are finished yet, so most of what you see are silhouettes.

Pictured below is my dessert shop, which is staffed by a maid who has the skill of increasing the quality of food. Both staff and customer cards have skills.

I almost won. I just was too nice to sabotage my neighbors.

Anyway, it’s easy to drown my losses on Tobey’s waffles. Oh, my goodness! I think you need three people to finish one of these!

It was a great night of food and games that was spent with friends. If you’d like to know more about the board game’s production, or would like to offer your support, you can visit Sweet Sabotage’s Indiegogo page.

Unwatermarked photos are courtesy of Sao Menguito and Ellie Licuanan.

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