Favorite Pinoy Game: Streetfood Tycoon

This blog post is WAAAAAAY OVERDUE. In fact, the game Streetfood Tycoon, which was developed by Filipino company Kuyi Mobile, had already won in 2012’s Philippine Game Development Festival. It had also become pretty popular in…well, other countries.

Of course Philippine game developers know of it but it wasn’t until the boyfriend and I started playing it that we realized how addictive it was.

It’s basically a time management game where people order food (as indicated in the thought bubble) and you try to assemble their orders as fast as you can. It’s like Diner Dash except it’s built for mobile/touchscreen experience.

Ok, I will forgive the Lorem Ipsum. Hehe.

What I like about this free to play game is that you can earn coins through watching videos. I’m not really a free-to-play gamer so I appreciate it. Too bad Google has spoken that it wants to remove this aspect of the F2P model.

All in all, it’s loads of fun. It’s simple, enjoyable and even with the pressure of in-game customers that might get impatient, it’s still pretty relaxing.

You can get Streetfood Tycoon for free at the Google Play Store and Apple iTunes store.

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