FaBurrito: Fresh Mexican Grill

I noticed that ever since I gained more than the weight I was planning to gain (from 109lbs, I’m now 120lbs, but I am actually well-balanced at 112-115lbs), I noticed I’ve been craving for burritos lately. On an almost daily basis. I also noticed that I have difficulty finishing off one regular burrito even though I used to eat large ones when I was younger.

FaBurrito’s fish burrito

This was why I was so happy to discover FaBurrito, which sits right at the ground floor of Ayala Columns (right in front of RCBC Building). It’s walking distance from where I live so getting there and going home gives me a bit of an exercise.

FaBurrito prides itself in serving fresh food. It says so on many of the cute posters decorating their walls. In fact, one of them summarizes the restaurant’s values:

My boyfriend and I usually order a regular vegetarian burrito cut in half and two glasses of mint green tea (they’re surprisingly large glasses, too!) with veggie chips and salsa on the side. You can view FaBurrito’s menu here.

This is the veggie burrito. Since we usually drop by for dinner, we get to eat half each.

And if you add P75, you’re automatically given a large glass of whatever tea you want and a side dish. The tea is not sickeningly sweet, just the way I want it. Sometimes I’d get the mint green tea or the lemongrass tea.

For the sides, we usually go for the veggie chips and salsa. My boyfriend loves the veggie chips because he says it tastes better than soy chips.

I tried the panna cotta once, but then realized later that I shouldn’t have because it’s heavy. Haha! It’s delicious, but definitely not for dinner (especially since my gastroenterologist, who checks my acid levels, forbade me to sleep with a heavy feeling in my stomach).

Oh, but there was one time when we had nachos. It’s so goood! I don’t normally like spicy things but I ate everything on top of this one, including the jalapeños.

We obviously love this place so much that we visit it once a week.

FaBurrito is located at:
G/F Tower 2, The Columns, Ayala Avenue, Makati City


  1. Kate Navasero

    September 20, 2013 at 11:32 am

    This is near my place too. Will try this one out. Thanks for sharing

  2. skysenshi

    September 20, 2013 at 3:49 pm

    It also has a very cozy atmosphere. I've seen people work on their own in there. 😀

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