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One of the things I envy about my blogger friends Kaoko (Chrissie Peria) and Chris (Christelle Mariano) is that they’re such good writers. And now they’re published authors. <3 I knew them before blogging became such a public thing so I guess that's my claim to fame. Hahaha!

To be honest, I love chick literature. Books like these give me a break from over-thinking and over-analyzing things so when I found out that Chrissie and Chris published their works, I immediately bought them from the Amazon Kindle store. Both are a steal for $0.99 each!

Let’s start with Chrissie’s work, which I read first. All’s Fair in Blog and War is about a travel blogger named Five, who finds herself invited to Macau for an unforgettable (“bloggable”) experience.

If you don’t fall in love with Jesse, the cute but arrogant blogger Five crosses words with, I’d guarantee that you’ll fall in love with how Chrissie paints Macau. I had a hard time finishing this book within 2 days (took me a week) because I kept stopping to find substitutes for the food she describes. Trust a food blogger to create such detailed descriptions of food, down to how it feels in your mouth! I nearly had to wipe the drool off the sides of my mouth and my stomach grumbled like crazy. Oh, those egg tarts!

After reading this book, I wanted to fly to Macau pronto!

Cover (Story) Girl by Christelle is equally as light-hearted and fun. She also made me change my heart about Boracay.

See, I sort of crossed it out of my list of places to revisit after I found out about what had happened to an indigenous youth leader there. I did not want to support a place that cared more about parties than indigenous tribes. But Christelle’s setting is the fictional Boracay Heritage Museum, which she says is loosely based on the Tirol Heritage Museum. She says there’s also a shell museum and a pop art museum.

I realized that in my visits to Boracay, I have never even seen anything that remotely talked of culture. I would just look at the party places, and like a person who’s afraid of a crowd, I don’t even party. Now I want to go back so that I could find out more about its history and its native people.

Oh and… I like Gio, the protagonist. Hahaha. He’s my kind of guy.

I hope Chris and Chrissie would publish more. I really am happy to be reading their stuff. They break the monotony of an otherwise dreary weekend of worrying about Mondays. 😀

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