Winners of the Solo Larry Alcala (Slice of Life) Contest

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Well, we actually just have one winner. It’s just that there was another entry that I really liked. How did the judges and I choose among the heartwarming entries? Well, we took into consideration the age of our contestants in proportion to the degree of the personal problem they solved. Plus, the age range that fits the style of the free Solo shirt.

Our winner is:

Jamila Tan.
She wrote about the people that matter and the decision one sometimes has to make when it comes to weighing her loved ones’ value.  Most of the submitted entries are from people of the same age bracket, and though everyone had come up with really good answers, hers seemed to be the most unique.

What made this decision difficult is the presence of one very mature (and somewhat complicated) problem that was solved through sheer faith. For this reason, I’m awarding a special prize to:

Carla Liza Guillermo.
We cannot choose the problems that come our way, but we can choose how to deal with them. Her spirituality rescued her from the pits of a moral dilemma. Because of her heartfelt sharing, I am sending her a Beyond Bath Sunflower Soothing Body Butter.

To the winners, please contact me with your complete name, email and mailing address so I’d know where to send your prizes. Thank you very much for participating and I hope my readers would be as happy as I was in reading your stories.

Next week, I’m raffling off a make-up set to interested members of Skysenshi’s Hermitage so stay tuned.

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