Senshi Liberation Day: Amici, Forever21 and Bubble Tea!

Super late post!!!

Last week, cousin Virna, my sister Alex and I (a.k.a. Firesenshi, Thundersenshi and Skysenshi respectively) decided to have a girls’ day out to celebrate our creative freedom. Um, actually, I was the last to celebrate. Raissa (Virna’s sister and formerly known as Lovesenshi) chose not to go with us because she doesn’t like Mega Mall. None of us three liked Mega Mall, too, but it’s the only place that houses Forever21.

Before going over there, however, we had to pamper our tummies. Senshi cousins have been known to have at least 5 stomachs, much like cows, ya know. We headed for Amici at the Atrium.

Alex: Smile and let’s pretend I’m not unbelievably famished!

Virna: Let’s order pizza and pasta only! (Riiiight. We ordered more. LOL.)

I haven’t been too impressed with Amici lately — well, ever since it had been bought from the Bosconian priests. The food used to taste like authentic Italian cuisine before. Now it’s just like every other fusion restaurant in the country. They still look yummy in photos, though. And at an average of P250 per dish, which you can share, I guess it’s not so bad.

Virna ordered caramel cake first.

Mozarella Fritto.

Spinach Fusilli Montanara.

Tutta Carne.

Then off we went to Forever21. My opinion of the place? It’s huge and you really have to be a patient shopper in order to find the items that you think will best suit you. I was very quick because I knew what I wanted as soon as I saw it. I shop like a dude. I couldn’t believe we actually spent two hours in there, with me following the other two around. Like a dude.

I think that happens when you’re shopping with a fashionista like Virna and a stylist like Alex. We’d prolly take longer if we had taken Raissa, a make-up artist, with us. The accessories are…I guess, I find them expensive now that I’ve seen what Wellmanson’s in Quiapo has to offer.

I liked the red mini-dress but I bought the corset and the tube dress instead.

My favorite stop was at Bubble Tea. We wanted to rest our feet somewhere and Bubble Tea’s signage just practically screamed at us. I like their tapioca, huh. So delightfully chewy! I also had fun making Virna seem like she’s drowning in milk tea. I wouldn’t mind drowning in a vat of milk tea myself.

And I do so wish Blogger would stop reducing my images to this size. Really.

Fun day. I wish I have more days like this instead of picking events (my schedule can only permit the acceptance of one invitation per week) and spending my remaining free time sick and bedridden at home. Like now.

Notes on photo blog cover: Hm, that was a difficult shot to do. It was already getting dark (I made use of the natural light) and every time I would manage to take a decent angle of myself, I’d find my sister looking nanggigil — sipping greedily/with much gusto — at her bubble tea. Which would ruin the entire photo. So yeah, I had to chop up some of the pictures, removing the offensive angles, and assembled that. Feeling CD cover. Haha!


  1. Agnes Ruth

    July 26, 2010 at 2:43 am

    What fun! I'm envious! Hahaha dapat sinama niyo ako… I'm going insane staying at home while on Maternity Leave. And I love Milk Tea!

    (BTW, I shop like a dude, too, so at least may kasama ka following them around. Hehe!)

  2. skysenshi

    July 26, 2010 at 2:53 am

    Oo nga, next time sana mas marami tayo. 😀

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