Ervim Orbase: Hailed Most Phenomenal Speaker at ESU, London

This is a late congratulatory post for Ervim Orbase, Multimedia Arts (SoMA) student at Asia Pacific College. He won first place at the English Speaking Union (ESU) Public Speaking Competition – Philippines (related story by Philippine Star here) and represented the country at the international competition held in London. Here is an excerpt from an email sent by Loline Reed, the Filipina who accompanied Ervim at the ESU Public Speaking Compeition:

“A most phenomenal speaker” – the words used by the main judge, Mark Tulip, for Group six to refer to Ervim Charles Orbase at yesterday’s (21May 2010) ESU International Public Speaking Competition which was held in the Library of Dartmouth House, ESU’s Headquarters. This year’s Competition has the largest number of competitors.

Pictured here with coach James Butial
and 2nd placer at ESU – Philippines, Czarina Moresco (also an APC Multimedia Arts student)

When Ervim won the nationals, I was sort of surprised. He was my student in Human-Computer Interaction and I don’t remember him being outspoken. In fact, I thought he was rather shy, though I would consider him street smart. This is why I give a lot of credit to his public speaking coach, Mr. James Butial, a faculty member of the English Resource Center (a division of APC-SoMA). I was also thrilled to find out that the second placer, Czarina Moresco, is yet another SoMA student. I felt like a three-time winner, to say the least. And infinitely lucky to have such talented people under our department.

Ervim and James Butial, with British Ambassador Stephen Lillie and his wife Denise

Ervim may not have gotten the top spot at the international leg, but I still can’t contain the pride that swells within me. I’m sure he made a very good impression abroad.

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