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All this talk about blogs and bloggers just reminded me that I have not explained what this site is all about and that I need to find my category. Thing is…what category do I specifically fall into??

I began blogging via LiveJournal in 2001. October 28, 2001 to be exact.  It was a very angry post that I kept private, sort of like a diary entry. I was too angry to write my feelings down with pen and paper. I needed an outlet and I needed it fast.  That was how I became a blogger.

Before that, I had so many anime and video-game related hobbies and I would write about these on The Otaku Fridge, which I built on May 18, 1997.  I was a college student then.  I also happened to be a GeoCities Community Leader and Co-Liaison before it got bought by Yahoo! My friend, Rowena Lei, was my mentor back then. She taught me basic HTML. (After Yahoo! bought GeoCities, we CLs were given rewards and shares. Lovely!)  We were also active members of an online Sailor Moon community. Laugh all you want, but even the Father of Mozilla Firefox Ben Goodger’s popularity began with Sailormoon (and I wrote about that HERE. Update: My sister left a comment on that old entry that Ben Goodger is with Google Chrome now). Being exposed to so many sites, I could not stop writing about my numerous interests, including music, literature and food.  Which ended up in different websites that I could not even maintain.

I’ve merged, separated, merged and separated websites several times because of updating issues. I’ve also tried every free hosting community available.  My love for music eventually ended up in Coolay.com (my very first domain, 2001), which I couldn’t update regularly. Skysenshi.com became my career blog…before Multiply came into the picture and Skysenshi.com became yet another site that I couldn’t update.  So I decided to merge Coolay and Skysenshi and it became…well, what you’re seeing now.  Whoever invented tags really made my life easier. Now I can just tag my posts so I don’t have to maintain so many different sites while worrying if I’m spending money on white elephants. (Plus I’m now slowly transferring all my hobby-related posts from Multiply to this blog.)

The problem with having all your hobbies in one interface — especially for a multidisciplinarian like me — is how to categorize the blog. That still boggles me.  I just thought that I’d put it in a framework by using the tagline: “A kikay geek’s hobby blog.”  I love looking for girly stuff, even if I am not so much into fashion, and my geeky interests span two seemingly different worlds: technology and the arts.

This blog is a mishmash of all the things that I am, and all those things are confusing because I reinvent myself every two to three years.  I’ve worked in industries and taken up degrees that a lot of people think are waaaaaay unrelated. I never stop studying because many things fascinate me. I’m all over the place. Hence, the geekery.

(There was one time when the former president of the Animation Council of the Philippines, Ms. Grace, and I crossed paths at a Commission on Higher Education technical panel meeting and she went, “Aren’t you one of my voice actresses? What are you doing here?” LOL. I had to tell her that I was actually the Assistant Director of Asia Pacific College’s School of Multimedia Arts. Dubbing was just…one of the things I wanted to try.)

I think it’s the geek in me that researches about ingredients and chemicals that we put on our skin when we bathe, what we eat and how these things are produced.  There was even a time when I obsessed about organic stuff, only to find out that the more I dig up about these ingredients, the more paranoid I get. Not to mention, more destitute (organic stuff ain’t cheap, girls!).  So I loosened up a little and learned to relax when it comes to health and beauty stuff. Oh, and…well, female geeks have a nasty reputation for not caring about looks.  I mean to correct that impression…many of us are vain!  Especially cosplayers and those who are extremely OC about their gadgets (in relation to what they wear).  Hence, the kikayness.

So there, the recipe for a Kikay Geek’s Hobbby Blog.

Oh, and…why “skysenshi”?
This has been my username since 1997. It was loosely based on my favorite anime character SailorUranus’ title, “Warrior of the Sky” (tenkuunosenshi). All my cousins (and my sisters) used to have similar usernames, based on their favorite sailor senshi, too.

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