Zambales Part 1 – Subic Ocean Adventure

Ocean Adventure:
1. Goofing around with my family (as always, when we’re together)
2. Aquarium for a bit
3. Banyo shots (hehe)
4. International Divers
5. Sea Lion Show
6. Dolphin Show
7. Monkeys on the road…(not part of Ocean Adventure, haha!)

And because I’m too lazy to write about them, I’ll just let the pictures (and captions) speak for the experience.

Mom and Tim inside the aquarium.

My favorite banyo shot. In my original photo blog entry, one of the APC students (Reveleen) commented that this is also her favorite banyo. It’s clean, smells fresh, and is well ventilated. My sister is the one in green, furiously concealing a zit. My mom is the woman on the right.

Oh, wow. I had so many shots of these international divers as I put my Shin-chan on continuous shooting mode.  One of my commenters said that she found some of the divers hot. Huwat???

The Sea Lion show!  I kind of felt sorry for the sea lion, though. He looked old and tired. I hope they were taking good care of him.

It’s frustrating not to have zoom lens but I’ve taken lots of continuous shots of these beautiful creatures in action.

From the left: my brother, father, sister and mom.  Yes, we are kooky this way.

These monkeys were not part of the Ocean Adventure, but they were so darned entertaining. We weren’t supposed to feed them but it seems like there are pasaway people on the road that kept throwing junk food their way.

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