Zambales Part 2 – San Antonio Beach

We didn’t know where to go to next so we ended up in San Antonio. The place was really nice and cheap. And I just realized…how un-womanly I am shaped. How much testosterone I have within me, despite my love for bright-hued things. Huhuhuhuhu! But I like this pic my sister took of me. It’s so raw. =P

My parents looked forward to a night of Bailey’s but they were aghast to find their kids asleep by 8PM. The moment we got into the bed, we couldn’t get out. Hehehe!

Breakfast was free. =^.^=

I really should’ve gotten the name of the resort. It was pretty cheap and the rooms were kawaii desu yo! I love the wood furnishings. That’s my brother being the usual kulit he is.

Again, my brother, pretending to be mumu in a closet. That closet was exquisite, though. We appreciated the wood details.

I got bored so I went to the beach and took lots and lots and lots of shots (of the sunset, the waves etc.).  I took some shots of this giant Mama Mary.

…And of my mom and little brother frolicking on the beach.

I thought this was some White Castle Whiskey model. But when she got closer, I realized it was my sister. Sheesh.

I could not resist the kitties. My gosh, that cat mom should be covered by the RH Bill. LOL. She had lots of kitties and is still waiting to pop yet another batch.

The resort dining room.  I must look for this resort again sometime in the near future. Really.

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