Addiction to Dance Dance Revolution

I miss wall-climbing (A LOT) and hearing Barbs (in trainer mode) scream, “Higher! Open your legs wider! Tolerate the pain!” But my now super busy schedule prevents me from going to Silver City. My muscles have probably softened by now.

I really want to get into yoga. But see, the easiest thing to access is Timezone.  Forget the gym. I’ve never been to one because the sight of treadmills alone makes me want to fall asleep.

(Oh, by the way, I just received my Gold Card yesterday… And it says that my birthday is March 5, 1997.  I went back to the counter and re-applied for another card so that I could correct it. When one TZ dude asked me, “Bat ano ba dapat ang birthday mo?” I was aghast, short of asking if I looked like I was 11 years old. Then I promptly texted Nicco to say, “Congratulations, you are now officially a pedophile.” But I digress…)

I’m usually there to collect tickets. But lately, I’ve been very happy playing Dance Dance Revolution. Unfortunately, I don’t like playing it alone.  Lui is easy enough to ask when I need a partner but I only see him once a week and the only days that I don’t have to go to UP are Wednesdays and Fridays. Cris digs her feet into the ground, and though she sometimes grudgingly accompanies me, it’s not very often that I succeed in getting her to play. Joya, well, you can forget it because he flat out refuses (“Di ako marunong niyan!” “Yun nga maganda eh, para hindi lang ako mag-isa mukhang tanga.”) Can you see Nicco dancing with me? ‘Nuff said. 

Now Rem will gamely do it. But he’s so good at the Difficult and Expert levels that I look like a dancing bamboo tree next to him.  I’m not complaining, though. That’s a lot of exercise I get out of him.  I’m still at the Beginner level because I tried the Basic and I went cross-eyed. My problem with the Beginner level, however, is the fact that the moves are too slow for my eager-to-hop feet. What Rem did was to adjust the speed settings so that I can move as fast as I want without my eyes rolling to the back of my head. Yay!

COMMENTS from the old blog:

metalangel wrote on Jan 15, ’09
uuiii si ms naadik sa DDR hehehe.. XD

konting practice lang ms. kaya nyo n yung basic.. 😀

oo nga ms. tama kayo, magandang exercise din ung DDR hehe.. ^______^

skysenshi wrote on Jan 15, ’09, edited on Jan 15, ’09

konting practice lang ms. kaya nyo n yung basic.. 😀

i need more time! huhuhuhuhu. kasi pag gabi ka pumunta ng timezone, agawan ng tao. kagabi nga eh may dalawang babae ayaw talaga umalis dun. bwisit na bwisit si rem, gusto na niya i-swipe yung card habang sumasayaw sila.

tapos ang inis pa niya, humirit yung girl ng, “bat ansakit ng paa ko?” sasagutin na sana ni rem, “di naman kasi dapat ginagawa yan ng naka-heels.”

meron ako dati DDR pad sa bahay kaso yung DDR naman sa PS1 hindi naman ganun ka-challenging. ang boring pa ng songs. may anime songs dito sa G4 eh. hehe.

metalangel wrote on Jan 15, ’09
ms.. sa totoo lng, kapag want mu mag nxt sa DDR, i-swipe mu lang yung card mu dun.. hehehe.. ganun kami dati eh.. hindi ko lang po alam kung may gumagawa pa nun ngayon.. 😀

canthardlywait13 wrote on Jan 15, ’09
magandang gawin un sa DDR, exercise..pang-burn ng fats..wahihih…masaya un kahit newbie pa lang..pagtagal magiging expert na din kayo..ahihi..learn from the basic..^^, magandang hobby ito!!..

skysenshi wrote on Jan 15, ’09

i-swipe mu lang yung card mu dun.. hehehe.. ganun kami dati eh.. hindi ko lang po alam kung may gumagawa pa nun ngayon.. 😀

gagawin na dapat ni rem, pero buti na lang biglang naubusan ng credits yung dalawang babae. hahahaha!

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