UP Saga Chapter 4: Story 3: Of Aliens and Genius Classmates

I think I talked about my eccentric (but fun) professor, Dr. Quirante, before. She’s not only highly qualitative (completely the opposite of Teacher Ganda, who’s highly quantitative), she also believes in spirits, aliens and such.  She had most of us researching the paranormal at some point.

But the pivotal thing about this class is that we freshmen (Jane, Chitchat and I) are grouped with seniors. And they make our noses bleed. To the point that I even texted Chitchat during our group discussion: “My brain is thoroughly frying right now.” I don’t even try to pretend that I can understand them so I keep asking questions for clarifications and sometimes I end up even more confused.

Turns out that I wasn’t the only one feeling that I’m hanging on for dear life. Chitchat knew exactly what I meant when she received that text. All three of us felt that we were the alien species that Dr. Quirante loves talking about. We can only hope that we’d be as sharp as Liz, Joyce and Nath when we become seniors ourselves.  As of now, I still tend to zone out when Nath and Joyce begin talking about…how do we operationalize these binaries? (The only binaries I know are related to programming, not communication research.)

Nath said, “We actually have a good group here because we’re moving forward pretty quickly.”

To which I replied with: “That’s because Jane, Chitchat and I are too overwhelmed with new information to argue with you.” Hahahahahaha!

Again, I stress that I feel like I’m back in college, when I don’t understand what I’m looking at half the time. I didn’t expect to become a research scientist when I took my PhD, so all these things are like…overpowering.  But even in my struggle (which Jane and Chitchat share), I refuse to be a social loafer so whatever means I can contribute to the group (even if it’s just converting our frameworks into graphical representations), I take the opportunity.

otaven wrote on Jan 15, ’09
Wow… how do you do it Miss? Teach and study at the same time… I wonder if I should go for masteral degree too? :3

skysenshi wrote on Jan 15, ’09
otaven said

I wonder if I should go for masteral degree too? :3 

i had fun with my master’s. sisiw siya for me kasi i’ve been exposed to the industry for a long time before i took it. managed to graduate with academic distinction with relative ease.

PhD kasi is a whole new level eh. hindi kasi ako academician mag-isip, eh kelangan scholarly ka sa PhD. kaya wala nang awards awards kasi automatically considered honors class ka when you pass the entrance and you have to maintain a certain grade kungdi kick out ka.

eto…shet, nawiwindang ako. but i’m very determined to be called Dr. Bea Lapa in a couple of years kaya tinitiis ko. kahit gustong gusto ko na talaga mag-drop at mag shift sa Doctor in Fine Arts, tiis pa rin. Sabi nga naman ni Stephen R. Covey: “Begin with the end in mind.”

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