Twilight: Bea’s Version (Bwahahahahahahahahahaha!)

Ok, so a lot of girls are going ga-ga over Twilight that the book actually got sold out before the movie — which stars a guy that looks like a mix of Joya and Red (according to Lui) — could premiere here.  The premise of this movie is that there’s this vampire named Edward Cullen and he’s drawn to the female protagonist’s blood. As in, helplessly drawn like some people are to certain flavors of chocolates. The problem is, he falls in love with her at the same time. So he has to struggle with the fact that he wants to both kill her and cuddle her.

I couldn’t imagine how that would be like so yesterday, on my way to UP (and obviously completely bored), I came up with a scenario in my head.

There’s this tall, dark and handsome guy whose blood is made of SOYA MILK (the malt-tasting kind). The moment he comes near me, I’d smell his blood and it’d sing for me. Then I would struggle deliriously with myself because I find him hot…but at the same time, I’d keep myself from pulling out a straw, stabbing him with it and sipping his blood. Don’t want to kill him, of course. But it’d be hell because I couldn’t decide whether to kill him or kiss him.


Now I can imagine what Edward must be going through.

NOTE: I’m so lazy to transfer all 20 of the previous blog’s comments here. I wish I could just attach them or something. You can read them here: I’d like to disable the comments there, but Multiply hides old comments if you disable them. When it comes to that feature, Blogger reigns supreme.

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