Rating: ★★★
Category: Books
Genre: Romance
Author: Stephanie Meyer

Like almost every other girl out there, I was intrigued with how the world was swept away by this romantic vampire-meets-human tale. So I borrowed it from a friend, Kwini, who actually shares the same passion — or guilty pleasure — for intellectual…smut. Boy, was I taken in for a surprise. See, Twilight is about a human girl named Isabella Swan, a.k.a. Bella, who falls in love with a vampire named Edward Cullen. The conflict is supposed to arise from the fact that Edward wants Bella’s blood, like how some regular human folk are addicted to chocolate. Hm. That alone had me clamoring to find out how they’d settle this conflict. What I did not count on was the part where it says that Bella and Edward are in high school. Dealing with Biology, P.E. and prom. The moment I read that Bella is seventeen, thoughts of wanting to relate to any of the characters went flying out the window.

The first few chapters are interesting enough. Edward is very intense and easy-going at the same time. Of course, he has occasional bouts of teenage drama, but he’s a lovable character overall. Amazingly, I was able to relate to Edward. Yes, amazing, because as a woman, I usually relate to the heroine, not the hero. (Just don’t think that I’m the type of person who’d fall head over heels in love with my favorite soya milk that I’d rather make out with it than drink it.) Vampiric Edward is a perfect metaphor for people that hold precariously onto their self-control even when temptation beckons so strongly. Needless to say, I love Edward.


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