Corregidor 4: A Piscean’s Haven

I discovered this area on my way to the pool. There was a sign and an arrow pointing to “The Beach”. I was accompanied by Luis and some ABMA73 peeps and we were halfway through the path when I realized that I didn’t have Shin-Chan with me. I quickly ran back to the faculty suite, grabbed my camera and muttered a quick “There’s a beach!” explanation to Mike and the others.

This is a photo of a bottle I found at the beach.  I didn’t know that the sand would reflect light particles when I took this (because the sand was so dark when viewed with the naked eye!).

I took so many shots of the harbor, the shore, the various rock formations, the students drawing on the sand… I even caught up with J Pacena when he appeared with the other ABMA73 kids and started teaching them how to take photos of the beach, the rocks and what sort of light would reflect their various textures. As for me, I was just fascinated by everything — the water, the textures that captivated me (those vibrant colors,are really something.) You just really have to appreciate nature…

Later, when it was getting dark, I was surprised to find the rest of the ABM70s getting off their buses. They had discovered my haven. They didn’t stay long, however, because they went on to explore the Haunted Infirmary and the Malinta Tunnel.

I had been so engrossed by the combined scent of the breeze and the sea that I didn’t even notice when they left. Mike laughed at how the water kept me — a Piscean — so entranced that I forgot everything else.

I went back to the beach at 5AM the next day, because some students wanted to see the sunrise. Well, the sun didn’t really appear and the tide was so high that there wasn’t much to shoot anymore…except for how different blue is at dawn.

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