Corregidor 5: Ultimate Bonding Experience (The Pool)

I had just eaten my breakfast when I saw that there were people in the pool. I went closer to check who were wading and I found these… Mike and Jonna joined us a little later.

I also included some of the fun shots that Mike took (and labeling them in ALL CAPS to separate them from mine).

My favorite photo was the one of Jech. It only took me a single shot (not “Continuous” as I was having difficulty with that function at that time).  I have to hand it to Jech. He actually has great form here!  I was surprised I was able to capture it without resorting to “Continuous Shots”. I also wanted to perfect Joya’s backflip (wasn’t able to shoot the first one, which was already perfect) but he started shivering badly after the first two. It rained really hard while they were swimming so it got really cold.

Why didn’t I swim? Nobody told me that they had a swimming pool in Corregidor and I didn’t bring anything for swimming. *Glares at Mike* The kids wanted to throw me into the pool but I saved myself by hanging Shin-Chan around my neck.

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