A Nintendo DS or a Sony PSP? Waaaaaaah!

I left my Final Fantasy 1 game in Migggz’s PSP and haven’t touched the game for a long time because finding him these days is rare…  I so want a pink or red PSP.

Then two weekends ago, I started playing Front Mission 1 on Nicco’s DS.  Last weekend, I got so heavily into customizing my wanzers (mechs in FM) and developing my pilots’ skills that not even the Saturday gaming group could talk to me properly.  Even when the DS was off, I was still in the zone.  Nicco asked me, on the way to the group’s dinner, why I was so distant.

“Distant?  Oh! That’s because I’m still wondering whether I should go on a pincer attack or just send my long-range attackers, who also happen to be my best melee fighters, over the mountain while my best short-range troops bait the bosses.”


Now, I don’t know what to get…

On a side note:
Just got my cheque from IBM and I’m still on the lookout for the best planner for Nicco. He wanted one for Christmas and I didn’t want to give him something so common.  Toni’s really nice planner seems to be sold out already so I’m now hunting Bona Coffee branches to see if I can still snag it.

Nicco also said he wanted to get me either a DS or a PSP but I’m being insolent (haha, that’s how you discipline women) so he just gave me the latest and final book of Terry Goodkind’s Seeker series: The Confessor. Not that I’m complaining, since I’m almost always stalking the author’s website for updates on the series anyway.

COMMENTS from the old blog: 

noela08 wrote on Dec 17, ’07
geeky stuffs

azikiell wrote on Dec 17, ’07

I go for PSP! Since I have one for myself.. XD

It’s a plus cause it also serves as a music player for me.. ^___^

shizofree wrote on Dec 17, ’07
planner? eto -> belle de jour planner

also, kung Nintendo DS or PSP…………………

PSP pde ka mag emulate ng PS and GBA games, kng nostalgic ka sa emoness ng FF7-9 and you can play FF Tactics War of the Lions (FFT with 2 new job classes) and Pokemon 3rd Generation.

connectable sa PS3 as a controller.

Nintendo DS you can play mga new FF games, FF12 revenant wings, FFT A2, and revamped FF games, FF3 and upcoming FF4. and new pokemon. You can play GBA games natively and new pokemon games! importable to nintendo wii.

skysenshi wrote on Dec 17, ’07
cham…para kay nicco yung planner. siguro kung natuwa siya sa fashionista planner iiyak na lang ako kasi di ba parang…baka hindi pala babae ang gusto niyang makatuluyan, di ba?


shizofree wrote on Dec 17, ’07
in aaaaaaaaall fairness, maganda nman ang organizer. give up mo starbucks mo tpos yan nlng sayo!

skysenshi wrote on Dec 17, ’07

parang mas gusto ko yung na-design ng student ko eh. mas useful for geeks like nicco.

selectstart wrote on Dec 17, ’07
Get a DS lite. Too many PSPs out there already. My opinion is not join the mainstream crowd. 😀 Besides, FRONT MISSION OWNS. Hehe.

Pwede pala kita makausap sa ganun klaseng topic (Front Mission strategies). XP

skysenshi wrote on Dec 17, ’07
erm…i was your panelist for your multim project and i gave you a 4.0 because your game resembled front mission 3. =P

boredgamer wrote on Dec 17, ’07
PSP + CFW = Free Games. Memory Stick lang talaga ang magastos. 

grandphage wrote on Dec 17, ’07

selectstart wrote on Dec 18, ’07

yah… ^_^ by the way, i haven’t had the chance to give you a copy of my thesis. still interested? 😀

skysenshi wrote on Dec 18, ’07

of course! =^.^=

derimachea wrote on Dec 20, ’07
Hmmm it all depends what games you usually play I guess. If most of them are in a PSP, then go for a PSP. Or Nintendo DS if mostly DS games. I dunno. But personally, I love my PSP to death. :3

kurayami wrote on Dec 22, ’07
Aaahhh… I’ve asked the same question over and over again. Still, I have neither of the consoles and I sort of lost interest in getting one.

Mura na ang memory stick and you can just replace your games when you’re tired or bored with the current ones in it. I think you should go with what dirimachea said 😀

skysenshi wrote on Jan 7, ’08, edited on Jan 7, ’08
Finally…the answer to my question are these titles:
(Note, when I say “Leki”, it means my sister must play it so I can watch. When I say “iffy”, it means I’ll prolly play that out of desperation if there’s nothing else available.) I’ve already finished Front Mission: The First so I’m not putting that in my list.

Legend of Zelda, Phantom of the Hourglass
Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow (Leki)
Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin (Leki)
Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings (iffy)
Final Fantasy III
Heroes of Mana (iffy)
Children of Mana (iffy)

Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness
Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles (Leki)
Tales of Eternia
Street Fighter Alpha III Max
Twisted Metal: Head-On
Brave Story: New Traveler
Darkstalkers Chronicle: The Chaos Tower
Final Fantasy Anniversary Edition
Final Fantasy II Anniversary Edition
Dungeons and Dragons Tactics
Legend of Heroes I
Legend of Heroes II
Legend of Heroes III

Guess who wins? *Sigh* I suppose I won’t get any freebies anymore, since I can only get a freebie if it’s a DS. He hates Sony with a passion (we even used to argue about X-Box versus PS2). But, oh, well. I’ve my own moneh anyhoo.

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