Brain dying? Have some cookies and muffins!

Gawd. I can’t believe I actually spent the whole day tinkering with another CMS.  This is why I love WordPress. Though very few of its plugins were to my liking and I did end up doing major surgery on it, it still makes my life so easy. Took me 4 hours to customize WordPress to my liking.

This other CMS I’m playing with now, on the other hand, has more than just coding problems…most of them server related…to the point that I might need to go CHOWN (give Apache the power) as CHMOD may not be enough.  It took me friggin’ 16 hours just to make it look presentable (operative word: presentable, not pretty) and I’m not even done with its numerous bugs!!!!!

Geh, listen to me alienate people further with geek talk.  Have a break! Have something yummy!

Yesterday, I got the batch of banana muffins that my student Cris baked and I’m still stuffing myself with them.  They’re just the way I like my muffins. Heavy and walnut-y. Perfect for those times when you turn off EVERYTHING but your internet, your FTP client and your Notepad++.

So my whole day was basically:
Munch, type, munch, insert code, munch, bash head against keyboard, munch, choke, drink water, munch, kill Photoshop CS2, munch…wonder if I should follow Cris’s suggestion to put ice cream on top? Or should I follow Christine’s suggestion and put honey on it?

And my mom wonders why I’m gaining a lot of weight… -_-;;;  Eating is my cure for brain that’s turned to soup.

Anyhoo, if you guys are looking for great Christmas gifts, you can get these goodies from Cris.  I got the muffins but she also bakes cookies and breads. She makes custom orders, too.

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  1. skysenshi

    May 10, 2010 at 11:08 am


    leiamarie wrote on Dec 9, '07
    Wow! Cookies!! Penge… =P

    skysenshi wrote on Dec 9, '07
    muffins lang meron ako eh. pictures lang yan ng goodies ni cris. 😀 daan ka sa 509 mamaya or bukas cos marami talaga akong boxes.

    leiamarie wrote on Dec 9, '07
    talaga? hihihii… Yey!! Sige daan ako sa tuesday!

    skysenshi wrote on Dec 9, '07
    kung aabot pa yan ng tuesday. at the rate na lumamon ako today sa sobrang frustration, baka boxes na lang matira.

    gusto mo pa-order tayo? hehehe. shet grabe, ubos na pera ko. huhuhuhuhu!

    vball14 wrote on Dec 9, '07, ed on Dec 9, '07
    miss!!! mag ol naman kayo at kelangan ko ng tulong! TT_TT bigyan ko kayo brownies! gawa ko rin ung brownies! hahahaha

    shizofree wrote on Dec 9, '07
    ooooh muffins.


    too much in-jokes >.< GIMME MUFFINS! Joomla ba yang CMS na cnasabi mo?

    theairprince wrote on Dec 9, '07
    ow gawd! cookies!

    ***toney transforms into cookie monster***

    waaah, i remember one time when i baked some oatmeal cookies. it was such a disaster. lesson learned: wait for the cookies to be cooled before removing them from the pan. haha!

    bobreyes wrote on Dec 9, '07
    Hello! Just read your SMS now .. was at the church when you sent it to me. Please email na lang me on what particular domain/folder you need to CHOWN, i'll do it for you 😉

    skysenshi wrote on Dec 10, '07
    i doubt joomla would give me this much of a headache.

    @father bob
    sige, email kita. thanks!

    skysenshi wrote on Dec 10, '07
    ay super ganda talaga ng CMS na itow. di kinaya ng CHOWN. kaya ayown. mega the database parameters ang beauty koh. dapat sinuwelduhan ako ng developer nito eh…hahahahahaha! jowk.

    super thanks nga pala sir bob for being a really gracious host! winner talaga ang turfsite!

    tellmeskandar wrote on Dec 10, '07
    aw nice cookies and wine to wash it down.

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