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…Here’s the thing, though. There are some products on the shelves that would claim to be certified organic — some even listing as many as three third party certifiers — but when you look at the back, you’ll see parabens, sulfates, PEGs etc. Some would say that they’re paraben free, but you’d see sulfates. Some would say they’re paraben and sulfate free but then you’d see propylene glycol. Apparently, many “organic” companies actually just mean that some of their ingredients are certified organic, but the rest of their listing are synthetic chemicals. It’s nuts. And it’s deceiving. (Here, Snow White! Have an organic apple. It doesn’t matter that I coated it with poison since the apple itself is certified organic!)

There are, however, brands that differentiate between “natural” and “organic” and would not haphazardly use one term in reference to the other. One such brand is Jason. I also found some other interesting goodies that I had long been looking for, like rose-milled soap and that Kettle potato chips that my former student Hazel recommended. >> Read more at >>

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