Geek Girls’ Formulas for Hook-Ups and Break-Ups (**warning: IN CODE**)

Janice just gave me this formula today. This is for hooking up.

if (you have qualms about it) {
else {
    if (with him) {
   } else {

Hay. I love it when the girl talks code. She makes it sound so easy. I have a penchant for writing like this in my private journal, when things aren’t clear. XD  Like when I was trying to break up with my second ex a few years back.

My own code (for breaking up):

if (relationship == 0) {
     $bea_action = ‘change employment records and take advantage of lesser tax and SSS exemptions’;
else {
     $bea_action = ‘host a food trip’;


if (relationship == 1) {
     $bea_action = ‘fall under extreme family pressure of producing a great grandchild’;
     $bea_action2 = ‘lose independence over conformity issues’;
else {
     $bea_action = ‘change employment records  and take advantage of lesser tax and SSS exemptions’;

Ok, but as you can see, the functions are pretty easy to code into the main system. It’s what’s inside the functions that are difficult. I’m seeing a bunch of arrays and loops in there. Hahahahaha!

COMMENTS from the old blog:

theairprince wrote on Sep 27, ’07
that’s why i’m afraid of having a GF ryt now. haha!

meetoh wrote on Sep 27, ’07
sige lang 😀

skysenshi wrote on Sep 27, ’07
o di ba? mas madaling maintindihan if you put it in such a logical manner?

kurayami wrote on Sep 28, ’07
*dies of nosebleed*

virtuaanimati wrote on Sep 28, ’07
wow… geek…

theanimeister wrote on Sep 28, ’07
haha natawa ako dito. puro script pa naman ang inaaatupag ko today. speaking of…miss paturo baka master kayo sa scripting 🙂 paconsult ako sa inyo sa skool 🙂

theairprince wrote on Sep 28, ’07
miss bea = script mistress… algorithm goddess… hehe!

drewbocz wrote on Sep 28, ’07
try writing that recursively

zappa1one wrote on Sep 28, ’07
Pope rolls for a Willpower Save (difficulty 10)

3/4/2/2/7/8/2/3/4/5 = Fail

Pope must roll a Fortitude Save or he dies (difficulty 7)

7/7/7/7/7/7/7 = Success!

Pope’s nose bleeds instead for 10 points of damage

kurayami wrote on Sep 28, ’07
Same as Pope D:

skysenshi wrote on Sep 28, ’07

Pope’s nose bleeds instead for 10 points of damage

tama sige gamitan mo ng dice. tutal luck has a lot to do with it anyway. har har.

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