Birthday Celebration Day 3 (Nicco) and 4 (Barbs & Jeninang…and later, some friends)

March 8, 2007
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Not much happened on Day 3 and 4, mostly because witnessing a couple of my friends getting disrespected/depressed made me lose the mood to celebrate. I opted to dine privately with them instead, offering a smile and whatever happy thoughts I could possibly bring to lighten up their dispositions. Much as serving food at the workplace would’ve made things a lot simpler, I realize that nothing’s better than giving my time to those who need me most.

Anyway, on with the happenings of the dayze…

+ – + – +

I texted Nicco Wednesday morning to ask when he planned to see me for my birthday because people have already mistaken another man to be my boyfriend.

*flashback to Monday*

Fides: Miss, sino yang kasama mo sa avatar mo?
Me: Boyfriend ko, si Nicco.
Fides: Ha? Hindi ba siya ang boyfriend mo? *points to another professor*
Me: *nearly falling off the seat* HAH??? Hindi ko boyfriend yan!
Fides: Ang gulo gulo nyo naman kasi, Miss eh. Dami nyong boylets.
Me: Nyak! Hindi ko rin siya boylet!

*end of flashback*

Nicco came to my condo around 7.30PM, looking really haggard and sick. He smelled of illness and I wished he lived nearby so he could rest. He came anyway, despite his condition. We went to The Old Spaghetti House and then back to my condo. I slept while he played the Nintendo DS…until it was time for him to leave.

I couldn’t even tell him much of what had happened to me in the last couple of days. I had ran out of energy to do so. So far, my blog is the only link he has to me right now. Since he doesn’t really blog much, I don’t know what’s happening to him either. His work has zapped him of his energy and I can see the signs of unhappiness in his face. I remember getting sick every time I’d start to hate my job, too…so yeah, I suppose most of what he’s experiencing right now is psychosomatic.

He says he has a surprise for me. I wonder what it’s all about.

+ – + – +

Jeninang: Bea, ano yung picture mo na naka-paskil dun sa vision/mission natin?
Me: Di ko nga alam na may picture pala ako dun, kung di pa binigay sakin ni Mike eh. Tinatanong nga ni Sir Ed kung ako raw ba naglagay dun medyo hello??? Nakita mo ba hitsura ng pic na yan? May malaking pimple sa ilong! Kung magpapaskil rin lang ako ng picture ko yung maganda naman ano!
Jeninang: Dinadasalan ko na nga habang wala ka. Haha! *makes punas punas gestures*
Barbs: Para siyang natutulog lang no?

Barbs wanted a redux of our celebration so we dragged Jeninang along and ended up in Red Ribbon. Where we ate cakes. Yum. Now that was one relaxing experience. Even if our topics were mostly centered on how to avoid questions like, “Ilang taon ka na?” which lead to questions like, “Kelan ka maga-asawa.” And if you do end up married, you get asked when you’re going to have kids, and when you already have one, you get asked when you’re planning to give your kid a sibling…and so on. Ahh…gotta love Pinoy mentality. But I totally enjoyed the conversations because we re-affirmed ourselves as women and as individuals. You cannot tell us what to do and what not to do.

It gave me enough energy for the tasks afterwards (when I went to the next private dinner)…which was to become a solid wall that some of my other friends could rely on.

Some of the other pics for these two days are in my darned, useless cable-less Nokia phone. I really should’ve gotten an Ericsson instead.


  1. Niccolo Rafael Mapua

    March 13, 2007 at 3:07 pm

    I got a piece of paper here that says my tonsils were enflamed and leaking pus. 😛

  2. aliya tanaka

    September 17, 2007 at 6:48 am

    BoyFriend? (o_O)
    I thought you were with..
    But I think Nicco is better in face….

  3. Bea Lapa

    September 18, 2007 at 3:30 am

    wahaha! well, Nicco used to be my boyfriend, but now we're very close friends. but i still wouldn't date M.M. hahahaha!

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