This Woman Named Gilda Cordero Fernando

The woman is featured in marie claire’s “What I’ve Learned” section. She’s 77. She looks so young! I thought she was in her 50s. And here’s her beauty secret: “More important to avoid than wrinkles is getting into an iron-clad box of fixed beliefs. Dogmas cause wars and are not good for the digestion.”

How often do you find a 77-year-old woman who thinks like this? Here’s another one: “There are no rules. The moment you think something is the rule, it changes. Visionaries work on possibilities and do today what everyone will accept as ‘normal’ only ten years later.”

I guess I’ll never be normal anyway. Thank goodness for that. I hope to look like her when I hit my 70s, too.

COMMENTS from the old blog:

elvert wrote on Mar 12, ’07
I know Gilda. The last time we met was at the Gateway Mall….she was making a live installation out of me. Hilarious free-spirited woman! hahahaaha!!!!! I think 77 year old women who are wealthy are more free-spirited than those who struggle to feed their kids…..if you know what I mean. =)

skysenshi wrote on Mar 12, ’07, edited on Mar 12, ’07
Wow, you know her!? Sweet!!!

Sana you have pics. I find her really intriguing. ^__^

elvert wrote on Mar 12, ’07
interesting woman. =)

we are not really friends as in friends friends. but we meet sa mga art exhibits always. =)

drewbocz wrote on Mar 12, ’07, edited on Mar 12, ’07
when i was teaching english lit, i used to sic one or two of her short stories to my students…but my memory fails me now (getting old), i don’t recall the title and wikipedia isn’t much help…oh well, i’ll know when i reach home and look at my archives. i probably shouldn’t be reading blogs while in class anyway :-p

skysenshi wrote on Mar 13, ’07

when i was teaching english lit, i used to sic one or two of her short stories to my students..

one of my LJ friends told me that she did an undergraduate thesis about her short stories too. i don’t know the exact details. my memory may be failing me too. haha.

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  1. Jae Rosales

    June 30, 2010 at 10:12 am

    Hi Miss Bea, this is the link of my entry for the Back-to-school contest: A tribute to Literature and Visual arts.


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