Edutainment as my Speech #2 in Toast of Mensa

My schedule had been so messy lately that I had completely forgotten that I was to deliver my Speech #2 for January 22’s meeting. It wasn’t until Marimel texted me the night before that I remembered…that I had left my original speech at my parents’ house.

Panic. Panic. Panic. Totally scrambled my Monday schedule. Was supposed to go to the bank but time constraints and the long queue made it impossible. Ended up sitting in on the Game Auth 1 class while I tried to make sense of my new topic. Speech #2 is all about “Organizing Your Speech.” This made me quite nervous because I am not a very organized person by nature. Sure, my files are always organized but my thoughts are scattered everywhere. I’ve been called a cgi banner rotation script by exes because of my light speed topic hopping.

It’s different when you’re doing a lecture in front of a class. My spiels are always spontaneous and I usually go ahead of my powerpoint presentations because of the natural flow of discussion. Ever since I got into ToM, however, I feel intimidated. I couldn’t exit properly even though I think I’m pretty good at intros.

At least they liked my speech about Edutainment (The Power of Gaming as a Medium of Instruction) and I got pretty good feedback (as well as constructive evaluations…that I know I’d forget once I go in front of these smart people). Was told that it would do good as Speech #9 with just a little reworking (I know exactly where I fumbled…it’s when I saw the yellow folder flash and lost my trail of thought for a split-second). And again, like Speech #1…I lost about 50% of what I was supposed to say. LOL! The best part was being told that despite having to come up with a new topic in such a short span of time, I was able to capture their attention and make them remember every detail. They found it powerful. Tita Gina (Nicco’s mom, who was also my evaluator) also found it organized enough. Haha!

Tommy Lim said that we were fortunate to have 4 high caliber speakers for the night and I looked at him doubtfully because I felt that my performance lacked confidence. And he said, “Yes, you are one of the high caliber speakers.”

Thank you, guys! ^_^
(Prepared speeches are really not my forte. Sure, I prepare my lecture materials with TLC, but it’s always a totally different performance with every class.)

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