AJAX-Powered Invision Board

I had just requested an upgrade for my forum hosting (security reasons) and, like the newer upgrades, you can incorporate your old skin into the new boards. You’d just have to do a bit of rummaging through the dozens of templates and CSS to find out which parts belong where so that you can tweak them.

Again the problem with this upgrade was the Topic Options. I already tweaked the Open and the Close templates but the Topic Options still wouldn’t open. Since one limitation of Mi-Chan is the fact that I couldn’t view a lot of things in their latest version of Firefox for the Mac, I had to use Nicco’s laptop’s IE 7 to make changes. It told me that the error is in a snippet called “ipsclass.” Thank goodness Invision finally came up with a “Differences Stats,” which I only discovered after thirty minutes of stumbling through every nuance. (At least I didn’t get to pull a single strand of hair, out of frustration, this time.) It tells you which codes have been changed in which files. Do you have any idea how horrible it was when I had to check EVERY FILE for the changes? My cousin gave up skinning Invision boards a long time ago because of such horrific experiences.

In any case, it pointed me to the right direction. The difference was not in the templates, but in the board wrapper. Sure enough it was there! IPSCLASS enables my forums’ AJAX capabilities. Did a little tweaking here and there and voila! The problem has been solved. At least for my users. It’s ironic that I, the admin, can’t even enjoy what I’ve managed to accomplish. No wonder I couldn’t operate the admin control panel in my Macbook. Mac’s latest Firefox cannot cope with AJAX. Kainis. This same problem keeps me from viewing my Multiply’s new layout through this machine while the rest of the Windows/Firefox users can freely enjoy the view.

Does this mean I have to switch to Windows again? There are two important software in this machine that have not updated for the Mac: YM (still at version 3.0) and Firefox (still at version 1.5). Lugi!
EDIT: Since the “Check for Updates” obviously does not want to check for updates, I went straight to the Mozilla site and found out that there is actually Firefox v.2 already out for the Mac. Downloading it manually now. Sheez.

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