Press Release: Kristine Sa’s reBIRTH

Kristine Sa reBIRTH – Return of the Queen

Press Release from Bryan Lee

August 16, 2005

Summer is here! Warm weather, blockbuster movies, trips to the beach and now an even better reason to celebrate: Kristine Sa has returned with her long awaited follow up to “I Never Knew”, her new album “reBIRTH”. That`s right, the Queen of As-Am Pop is back and here to help you set the summer off right with hot new songs, talented new producers, banging remixes, a brand new website, and of course that warm, beautiful voice.

Download popular Kristine Sa songs at

1. Consequence mp3

2. Take Me Somewhere mp3

3. Just Drive mp3

4. Happy mp3
Following the success of “I Never Knew”, “reBIRTH” continues Kristine’s evolution as a singer, songwriter, and experimentalist. The new album is a collection of new songs, remixes and rare/never released songs tracing her music from the beginning of her career to the present. Kristine continues her music journey, conveying her evolving sense of love and life with a new musical and writing style unlike anything from her storied past. Streaming and downloadable music clips are available on her new website which also features hot new pictures, pages of new poetry, an interactive diary, and a brand new line of Kristine Sa merchandise.

Kristine Sa – – A young singer/songwriter with a sultry voice of gold, Kristine has amassed a following the world over. Her music has reached fans all over the US and as far away as Taiwan, Australia and The UK. Since the release of her debut album in 2002, Kristine’s fan base has continued to grow at an astonishing rate, largely due to widespread word of mouth based on a hugely popular website and both street and internet promotions. Fans access Kristine’s music via online distribution channels such as, iTunes and a large network of music stores across the US. Her music has also found success in markets such as the Anime community where she has been featured in numerous major publications such as “NewType Magazine” and has performed at some of the largest events in the country such as Otakon (5,000 fans) and AnimeFest (3,000 fans). Radio has caught on as well with terrestrial as well as satellite radio both spinning Kristine’s emotional songs.
Look for Kristine Sa’s Japanese Anime remix album with labelmate DJ Jinnai ( entitled “AnimeToonz3: Kristine Sa” to be released by Sony in October 2005. Kristine’s 3rd full length album “In My Mind” is due May 2006 on Nemesis Records.

Nemesis Records – – Nemesis Records was formed in late 1999 to produce and record music reflecting Asian pop culture both in the US and in Asia. Striving to incorporate Asian cultural elements into a western musical and visual aesthetic, the label experiments heavily to redefine popular music and to create a new sub-genre. Through music and media Nemesis aims to introduce a thriving underground scene into mainstream consciousness.

Kristine Sa is available for interview upon request. Additional information including music, bio, and pictures can be found at:

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