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Testing my first post. Hehe. Just to make sure that the site is working and that the template I did for this particular blog works. Actually, this is probably my third blog? I have Livejournal, RODiary, and now this. So far, I’m liking Blogger because the template is easy to customize. I prefer RODiary, though, because that one doesn’t take forever to load…especially when updating.

I call this my Career Blog. It was basically my SOCDIM professor’s idea. She says that we’re supposed to blog about the discussion. Hey, I think it’s a great concept, and makes studying a little less…hm…stiff?

In the meantime, I’ll probably babble a bit about work. I handed my resignation two days ago, and they finally accepted it today. My boss, the HR manager, and the managing director asked me if I was really sure of my decision. It actually nearly broke my heart. I super love my job. It’s just that with the roller coaster turn of events, it’s like now is not the time for me to be in the gaming industry. On the bright side, this gives me more time to focus on studies, my lucrative mini-projects, and one huge mess that needs cleaning up. At least pROSE will be launched before I leave. Thing is, I feel like a mommy who just prepped her unborn kid for adoption. pROSE is my baby. I just hope the person who will replace me as its Lead GPS would care for pROSE as if it were his own child.

This photo represents one of my best experiences as a Game/Product Dev team member. GM Silvermaine and I (GM Sora) were launching the Ragnarok Online Amatsu-Kunlun patch.

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