Site Revamp: Skysenshi V.2.0

Just had to revamp the site. It had become outdated and had needed dusting. Lots of changes going on, although my current style hadn’t really deviated from my previous ones. The site needed a personality makeover, much like its owner. Hehe. Cheers to being happy! =^.^=

I know! I know! I still haven’t gotten to updating the client links. I just got too busy with work and all, and am now taking up my masters. Sorry about that! Hm. Maybe I should try to make at least one update a week, just to make sure I won’t get stagnant. Anyhoo, after my resignation pulls through next month (July 2005), I’ll be on the lookout for a part-time job, which I’ll be busy with as I go through my masters, other short courses (updating purposes), and mini-projects. Huhuhu! I actually liked my job at Level Up! but I just had to re-direct my path. Like I mentioned, lots of life-altering events going on. ^_-

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