Doing your own wedding hair.

It’s so funny that so many hellish things happened in 2024 (this is for another blog entry, after we’re done with the so-called hell), but I’m so stressed that I just want to talk about hair. It’s one of the things that I’ve wanted to share last year, but was so busy that it had to take a root canal “resting period” for me to be able to sit down and write this.

Anyway, we had our church wedding last year (2023), and it was intimate (20 guests) and relatively stress free. I did my own hair. Thing is, this was supposed to be well-planned.

  • Have hair colored 3 weeks before date to give it enough time to heal.
  • Have hair cut 1 week before date to make sure the shape is ideal.

None of that happened because work had also been a whirlwind of events, this included me having to find a condo near my workplace so that I would stay there when I have face-to-face classes (which is about 3x a week). What happened was that I had to squeeze in both hair color (not a CGM thing to do) and cut less than a week before the wedding, and in a salon that isn’t trained in CGM. I had to make do.

The tools and steps:

  • Zenutrients tea trea shampoo
  • Garnier Ultimate Blends Color Illuminating Hair Food Goji for detangling and softening
  • Human Heart Nature Natural Daily Hair Treatment for protein
  • Cantu curl activating cream
  • Used a denman brush to distribute product and to define curls. Squish.
  • When hair didn’t drip anymore, used Bench red gel. Would have preferred to use the purple variant because that’s the extra strength one, but couldn’t find it (didn’t have time to order from Lazada). Squish again.

Do I still practice CGM?

Not strictly. I still color my hair from time to time. I shampoo every other day because I work in Metro Manila and it’s so icky, but I use CGM-friendly products. My routine now is super quick: shampoo, hair mask (the quicker the better, 1-3 minutes) squish, Cantu curl cream, squish, gel, squish again. I only squish each side once because doing that is tiring, not to mention taxing on my perimenopausal aching hands. The shampoo and the gel will depend on what my hair needs. If I’ve used too many protein products, then the gel will be non-protein.

Anyway, if you’re like me, who would rather spend money on a house than on a wedding, you could do this, too. 🙂

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