Quarantine Chronicles: Celebrating Milestones

I have seen socmed status messages basically saying not to post food photos so that we can be sensitive to the feelings of those who are hungry. While that is a noble intention, there are two things I would like to point out:

  1. Those who are hungry are probably too busy looking for food to spend time on social media.
  2. Those who are on social media have the power to advertise existing businesses.

I always make it a point these days to post about what we order from GrabFood or FoodPanda on Instagram because these posts keep people employed. I didn’t know that my post about one particular restaurant actually had traction until I received a message from its competitor that it’ll be re-opening some branches. (I mean haha, I only started actively blogging again because of the quarantine. Didn’t think I still had readers.) At least, this means some casual employees who have been laid off will be getting their jobs back.

Anyway, my husband and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary (it’s actually our 8th mag-jowa anniversary, too) yesterday. April 3, 2020 was supposed to be the day we would have our Catholic validation ceremony. Unlike our fuss-free intimate wedding on April 3, 2017 (which we really really loved and remember fondly even today), this Catholic version is your typical Pinoy fare.

An app invitation that hubby and I worked on so that we would only need to print limited invites. More info, less waste.

So you can maybe imagine how big of a headache (and heartache) it was to suddenly cancel it. It was a logistical nightmare having to inform all of our vendors, with not all of them taking kindly to it (like it was our fault that the entirety of Luzon went into quarantine). Thank goodness our venue (which is also responsible for the chapel, lodging, food, styling) were the first to offer to move our date for free. Most of the vendors are already fully paid, too, but it really makes a huge difference if your venue has a heart.

We wanted to make our wedding anniversary special even though we are all in quarantine, so thank goodness someone from the Best of Manila group asked where to source cakes while on lock down. From here, I followed the link to Gelatin At Its Best. We didn’t specify a design because we wanted to be surprised, and wow. We weren’t disappointed.

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Gelatin cake for the win! Thanks to the Best of Manila group, I was able to find @gelatinatitsbest for our 3rd wedding anniversary (8th year of togetherness). I badly wanted a cake, but most of the offerings I see in cake shops were chocolate (my LEAST favorite). Was so delighted when I saw these 3D gelatin art pieces, and the one we ordered (we didn't specify a design because we wanted to be surprised) actually looked better in person. We didn't want to cut into it because it's breathtakingly gorgeous (you just really gotta appreciate the level of detail and craftsmanship). If you love cathedral window gelatin (I loooove cathedral window), you'll adore this. Would also recommend if you want cake, but you're on a diet. Since it's gelatin, it's not gonna be as calorie heavy as your regular cakes. Told the husband that I prefer this to Valentine's flowers. #CloudSky #JojoBeam #JojoAndMatet #dessert #nofilter #quarantinechronicles

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The saddest part about all this is that Wild Flour was open last week, but I could no longer find it on GrabFood on the day of our anniversary. We also tried Conti’s, but it seems Grab Riders couldn’t get to them, so I ended up checking FoodPanda instead. (The thing I like about GrabFood is that you can tip the delivery crew. I haven’t seen this feature in FoodPanda unless you pay COD.) Ohhhh, the pickings in FoodPanda were super slim! But thank goodness D’Mark’s was open so we settled for vegetarian pizza and salad instead. I only ate two slices, but I was full till bedtime.

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Celebrating our 8th year together and our 3rd year of marriage. Ordered vegetarian pizza and salad from D'Mark's via Food Panda. We wanted Conti's, but GrabFood wasn't picking up. And we ordered the beautiful gelatin cake from Gelatin At Its Best on Facebook. (Will feature that separately later.) We were supposed to celebrate this anniversary with a Catholic validation ceremony, but we had to cancel that due to #covid19. (Anyone who has ever planned a big church wedding would probably cringe at the logistical nightmare we had to go through, especially since our venue+food+accommodations+etc have already been fully paid.) But to be honest, this is more us. Practical, low-key in celebrating our relationship. We loved our original wedding, with its less than 20 guests, and today we celebrate that memory. As we enjoy our quarantine date, we are thankful that kitchen staff and riders who made this possible are still employed. Stay strong, you guys, and thanks for the great service. #quarantinechronicles #CloudSky #JojoBeam #JojoAndMatet

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Hopefully, this post helps people who are also celebrating other personal milestones (and for food industry people keep their jobs). As for the list of cake shops that are still open during the quarantine, you can check this Booky link.

Our economy has taken a really good beating from COVID-19, so the little ways in which we can keep people employed and productive can help.

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