Pioneer Street Market

If there’s one thing I really share in common with my husband, it’s food. I am so glad I married someone who appreciates a variety of food as much as I do. Even though I don’t eat pork and he cannot eat shrimp, we like trying out various dishes. Well, anyway, we usually hang out at the Kapitolyo Gastro Park but we discovered Pioneer Street Market fairly recently. It’s actually nearer to us than most of Kapitolyo’s food places. And it’s airconditioned! Yey!

Most of the stuff you’ll see at Pioneer Street Market are kinda healthy. But not to worry! There’s always meat. I forgot to take note of the food prices, but it’s safe to say that you might be spending around 150-250 per person on the average. Anyway the pics. 😀

Layout inside the market. It’s super clean.
There’s a bakery at the corner.
Just to prove that we were here.
The first things we ordered when we discovered the place. We’ve been back here many times after this.
Two glasses of refreshing lemonade.
Shawarma pizza!
Shawarma rice.
Wagyu pepper rice. This is goooood!
Nachos and Vietnamese food.


So on our most recent visit, we discovered that the HMR extension on the second floor was replaced by D’Cup Coffee Republic. It’s a pretty awesome space for relaxation. They also seem to have an active community for life coaching and some religious events. It has a very positive vibe to it.

There’s a mini-library in here.
You can rent the function room here.
Carrot cake. 😀
And our drinks. They are accompanied by cheerful messages. <3


If you ever drop by the Pioneer HMR area, at least you know where to dine. Pioneer Street Market is located at: Pioneer Corner Reliance Streets, Mandaluyong City. They also have a Facebook page.

For more information about this place, you can check out the video they provided on their page:

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