Indie Game: A Bird Story

Another super backlog. I played this game last year, before I resumed production on my own game (hence the delay in writing this blog entry). A Bird Story comes from the creators of To The Moon and its ending gives a bit of a clue on who’s going to be the protagonist for TTM’s sequel.

Hmmm… How do I blog about this game and tell you about it without giving away the story? Because that is basically what A Bird Story is, it’s a very short tale (I played it for about an hour) about a boy who finds an injured bird and takes care of it. Saying more than that would be a bit spoiler-y.

What I like about this game is that it tells a story without showing you a single word. Much like another game I played before, The Tiny Bang Story.

For those who were familiar with To The Moon, please don’t expect this to be as heart-wrenching as that one. One of my students actually cried over this game but I found it more sentimental than tragic. Most of the time, the scenes take you on a fantastic adventure, when the boy is not going about his daily routine.

I think most of what’s happening in A Bird Story take place inside the boy’s imagination and I love how breathtaking the images are. I think this is a good game to play when you want to unwind and be entertained by a simple story about friendship. Highly recommended.

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